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The Safari Visits RPWL (for real this time) – Wanted!!

RPWL 1RPWL is s neo prog rock band from Germany that was formed in 1997 as a Pink Floyd cover band. Three years after the band formed they started to make their own music. While their music was still rooted in the that  70s and 80s Pink Floyd Prog era their debut release God Has Failed met with positive reviews in most major progressive rock magazines. Since then the band has released five studio albums, three live albums and two DVDs!

Their most recent release Wanted has been in my music rotation now for the last couple of weeks. I first Wantedcame across RPWL a while back when I was reviewing the album Numb from Blind Ego. I discovered then that Blind Ego was a side project for Kalle Wallner the lead guitarist and the W in RPWL. The other letters stand for drummer Phil Paul Rissettio, bassist Chris Postl, and vocalist – keyboardist Yogi Lang. Of the fonding four members, only Wallner and Lang are still with the group. The other musicians on Wanted are Marc Turiaux /on drums, Markus Jehle, keyboard and piano and Werner Taus plays bass

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