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New Progressive Metal from the US’s Oceans of Night – Midnight Rising!

The latest album from the band Oceans of Night, Midnight Rising, has been in my listening rotation for a few weeks now,  Midnight Risingit’s even been a soundtrack for one of my runs, and it is becoming one of my favorite prog albums! Oceans of Night is according to the band’s website…..

….  a modern rock band – equal parts progressive rock and modern heavy metal, wrapped around powerful vocal melodies and evocative guitar work served with a distinct ambient flavor. Conjuring epic and dynamic music with an cinematic twist, each Oceans of Night release is a dramatic musical experience that demands your undivided attention. With 3 CD’s currently in circulation (and 4 other CDs released eponymously under Scott Mosher) Oceans of Night are forging a brave new path in the world of progressive metal music.

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