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Kathy’s Korner – More Magical Photos from My Wife’s Camera!!

If you watch my wife take pictures, many times she’s bent over, with¬†the camera focused on something small. She can really capture the details of life, like these three shots of a spider and its victim!

Then of course there’s the ubiquitous squirrels in the neighborhood – What me? I have no acorn!

Finally, there are times that she’ll just take a picture that is magical, like this one of Delaware River at Amico Island!

Magical did I say Magical, hum maybe it’s a Magical Connection that my wife and I have!!

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Kathy’s Korner – Photos from My Wife’s Project 365 File Folder!!

So for the last four years or so my wife has participated in Project 365 on Facebook. She would post of picture a day for a year. She took some great pictures. Here are a few from the beginning of last year. The first two are from those snowy days last February, which were nowhere near as cold as the days this year! This year you couldn’t even go out and take pictures!!


A picture from last winter

The red is a birdfeeder refect in the ice!

The red is a bird feeder reflected in the ice!

Our car should have a bumper sticker that says: “Caution, My Wife makes me stop from cemeteries!”

Here’s a picture of one of her favorite grave site’s monument at Beverly Monument Cemetery.This was from the day last March when we were attending the funeral of her father’s sister Anita. The snow was gone by the afternoon that day!

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