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A Tough Several Days with our cat James that end with a tough but right decision

James in Box

James Loved Boxes!

So i don’t know what the right music is for when you know you have to put a cat to sleep. We have now five cats. Two years ago we had to put our 19-year-old cat Simon to sleep and it was hard. I was doing really well not feeling to badly about the situation with our 10 year-old cat James this week, until this morning, when I faced the prospect of having to call the Vet and make the appointment!

. On Monday of this week,  my wife saw James try to jump onto a fairly low chair, he didn’t make it and then he tried a table that was slightly higher and he didn’t make that either. The next morning, I was watching as he was laying on the bed and he tried to change positions and he couldn’t, he kept falling over, finally he made it. To me, it seemed that maybe he had hurt one of his back legs in one of those falls. Anyway, we called the Vet and went in for a visit.

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Today’s Your Birthday – Happy Birthday to You – Oliver Edward Karn!!

Sleeping OliverOk so today is PI Day at 4:52 AM Oliver EDWARD  Karn, son of Andrew Karn and Meaghan Reess Karn was born!! After being called to the hospital at around 10 PM on the 13th when the birth seemed imminent Oliver had other ideas and thought that it would be a good idea if Grammie and Grandpa, Aunt Elizabeth and Lauren got a chance to enjoy the ambiance of the ER at Inspira Medical Center (formerly Underwood Hospital) in Woodbury, NJ. Now while we did enjoy the show that included two very strange gender confusing people. One of which uttered the phrase “I feel like killing someone”” just moments before coming over and standing near us! He/She also had spent the prior one and a half hours in the women’s restroom doing who knows what? Well, maybe the security and staff personnel,  who kept going back and forth wearing gloves and carrying bags did, but I didn’t,  While the wandering black he/she who was evidently being allowed to wait for a bus in the ER grabbed a wheelchair and blanket shrouded herself and went to sleep. The guard woke her at 5 telling her the buses would be running again and she’d have to leave!!

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Sunday Thoughts about Pete Seeger, Abiyoyo and grandbaby Oliver Edward Karn

AbiyoyoSo sometime this month, my wife and I will become grandparents for the first time, when my son Andrew and his wife Meaghan have their baby, Oliver Edward Karn!! Well, it’s actually Meaghan doing all the work right now and Andrew just gets the congratulations!! A couple of weeks ago, they had Meaghan’s baby shower.and Oliver’s gifts from Andrew’s brothers and sister and my wife and I were books and not just any books, but ones that were special to us.The kids picked ones that were read to them and my wife and I picked either ones that were read to us or ones that we read to the kids! After my wife, whose idea it was first announced the idea. Peter immediately said “I’ll get Where the Wild Things Are” – though Bossy Boots may have been a better choice! What surprised my wife and I, was the first book that Elizabeth picked, which was Abiyoyo! The picture book based on the Pete Seeger song….

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Life’s Intrusions… a flat tire and a trip to the Veterinarian for Liam!

So I had a couple of life’s unexpected intrusions into my music listening this week. The latest was this morning when the front end of my car started to shake and rumble horribly. I hadn’t gone far so I turned around, and almost made it back home. But I knew I had to stop and pulled to the curb a block from home and checked. The front  passenger tire had blown and was now off the rim. I checked in the trunk for the spare,. It was there, as was the jack. What was missing was the lug nut wrench. After a couple of calls I decided, the best option was to call AAA and have them change the tire. They did their usually good job and a service truck was there within the hour! Now I am sitting at STS waiting to get two tires. While the good thing is that I have two books that I am reading on the iPhone,(Theodore Roosevelt and the Assassin and The Mayor of MacDougal Street)  the bad news is that I forgot my headphones!

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From Riverside New Jersey and the Karn Family – Merry Christmas to All!!


So when I was growing up I had a handmade stocking that had my name Eddie stitched at the top of the stocking. The stocking unfilled is shown on the left. Now several years ago we found the stocking and it was hung with the rest of the family stockings on Christmas Eve. It didn’t take long for son Nicholas to notice that the stocking had a strange message on it when it was hung the opposite way! Not the exact message that you want to send on Christmas!!

Anyway Christmas has always been a hectic time at the Karn house, shopping for four kids was always coupled with last-minute painting, plastering and cleaning!! Hell, it wasn’t Christmas unless the house was torn apart up until the last-minute!!

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Me, Myself and Family….. Eli’s Coming and Going! Oh My……..

For her birthday this year, our daughter Elizabeth’s boyfriend Jimmy bought her a kitten, She originally wanted an all black cat, but when she went to the pet store she couldn’t pass up this cute little kitty…..



So Eli came home with her and eventually back to her apartment in Delaware. Eli had been fixed only a few days prior to Elizabeth adopting him and last week he developed a sore around one of the stitches and wouldn’t leave it alone. So Elizabeth took him to the Vet. On her way there Elizabeth had this premonition that the vet would tell her that Eli was actually a girl cat, This had happened to us years ago when Abigail and Lucy went to the vet and came home James and Fenwick!! It wasn’t long after arriving at the vet’s office that Elizabeth was informed by the technician that Eli appeared her to be a girl cat a fact that was shortly confirmed by the Vet!! So Eli became Ellie and to protect her from getting the sore infected she was given a cone, not one of those normal cone but an extra special fancy model……

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Happy Thanksgiving to All!!

VegansYes, folks it’s that time of year again, when we give thanks for all the we have, and this year I give thanks for my wife, my children, their wives and boyfriend, and that grandchild that will be coming in March!! I’m thankful for Kathy’s Uncle and his wife and all the members of the families that my two son’s have married into, and thankful for all their friends and family!I thankful for anyone who puts up with my ramblings about music, books and politics. And thankful for all those who create the music and the books that I listen to and read!! I’m even thankful for all those Republicans and Right-Wing Nut jobs because without them what would I have to write about!! I’m thankful for my health and that I’m still able to run and that I was able to finish my 34th year at a job that’s only a half a mile from my home!!

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Thoughts of Tomorrow’s Pending Test and Pie for Breakfast!!

Intelligence TestOk so tomorrow for breakfast, I need something that will ignite my meager mental faculties! You see tomorrow my daughter who is in graduate school at the University of Delaware, majoring in Educational Psychology, will be giving me an IQ test! Somehow I think that is illegal and the results should be confidential between her and me and NOT given to her mother!! I don’t think this is going to end well for me!! One of the things I’ll have to do is to listen to a statement and then repeat it, which is not that bad. But then I will have to repeat it backwards. Let’s try it – backwards it repeat to have will I! Hah, a piece of cake! !cake of piece A…Oh I can see all those analogies now – hand is to glove as head is to oven – is that right!! How about this one!

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