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Christmas Books to Add to My to Be Read Pile! Oh Boy!

So as we start 2013 let’s take a look at the boat load of wonderful books that I received for Christmas! First there’s the book I received from my daughter Elizabeth, that I am currently reading The Boy in the Suit Case by Lene Kaaberboll and Agnete Frillis. This is the first book in a planned three book series featuring Red Cross worker Nina Borg. Elizabeth picked the book because, I told her after I picked up book two of the series a month or so ago for her at the library, that it said on the cover “Fans of Nordic crime fiction rejoice”,and that I was a fan of Nordic crime fiction, so the book sounded good to me! So far I was right!

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Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to My Uncle Johnny – We still miss you!

John, wife Jean and Jimmy Ashton

So January 1st for me was usually family get together time with my Father’s family, typically, at my Uncle Ott’s or Kenny’s place. I remember many a good New Year’s Day celebration! It was also Uncle Johnny’s birthday. Johnny was my mother’s oldest brother, born in 1923. Johnny would have been the fourth John Sherrington Ashton a name which dates back to 1814 when the John S Ashton the first was born in Holbeach, England. John’s middle name however, was Howard. I believe that my Great mother Charlotte Trout Regars had a lot to do with naming her grandchildren. John’s middle name was Howard, which is one of Charlotte’s brothers name and my mom’s brother James middle name was Elmer, which was Charlotte’s grandfather’s name. The name middle name of Elmer cased Jimmy to say that he was James “No name” Ashton. But back to Uncle Johnny.

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An Evening with Halestorm and Andrew – 12/28/12!

Yes a Halestorm hit Philly yesterday, well at least The Electric Factory, as Lzzy and Arejay Hale along with Joe Hottinger and Josh Smith thrilled a sold out house! My son Andrew called yesterday afternoon and told me they were playing and asked if I wanted to go (all you boomers who would go to a concert with their Dad raise your hand, hum, mine’s down) but things have change and I’m thankful for it and, of course, said yes! If you’ve read this blog before you’ll know that I am in the process of re-discovering rock and ProgRock and first gave Halestorm a listen a couple of months ago and really enjoyed their music! Andrew has seen them a couple of times before at smaller venues so this is the first time they headlined at The Electric Factory and the night was billed as An Evening with Halestorm” so there was no opening act! (Andrew said it would be an early night, wrong!) Halestorm became their own opening act. I knew things were going to be a little different when Lzzy appeared on stage in a white evening gown and her band mates were likewise dressed in white! Lzzy went over to the piano and started the night with a ballad “Rose in December” after which the band played an hour or so acoustic sent full of ballads and some rocking songs like a cover of AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long”. Most  of the songs were from either of the two Halestorm albums but there were also covers of songs by Heart and Fleetwood Mac. What the set really did was showcase Lzzy great voice and poignant songwriting ability, that was hidden until on drunken night when she recorded “Hate It When You See Me Cry” into her phone and sent it to her record company and their response back was Wow! we want more like that! She performed it last night the way she recorded it that fateful night!

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Happy Holidays to the World – from the Karn Family!!

So to give you readers a peek into my life, I’d like to share our family newsletter with all who didn’t get it, which is basically, the world minus forty people!! So to all you out there whoever you may be Happy Holidays!!

Dear Friends & Family,

We hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! What a busy year 2012 has been for our family!

Nick is still living in Marlton and loves it. He comes by often to visit with us and the cats. He is still working at PNC bank in Moorestown . He is very involved with music-performing and writing songs.

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Today and Tomorrow – Birthdays for My Mother-in-Law and Son!

Originally posted Decemeber 20, 2012 – Revised December 19, 2016

December 19th and 20th – Birthdays for Mother-in-Law Ruth Browne and Son Peter Harrison Karn!!

Thirty years ago  my wife and I were sitting at Kennedy Memorial Hospital in Turnersville, NJ waiting for the birth of our third child. Well actually I was waiting, she was laboring! Anyway, we were wondering all day whether Peter would be born on her Mother’s birthday. Alas, Peter did not cooperate. He was born at 3:30 AM on December 20th. So Happy Birthday, Peter, your mom and I are very, very proud of the terrific young man you have become! (An interesting sidelight. Peter was born a day after his grandmother’s birthday, while his daughter Zoe was born a day BEFORE her grandmother’s birthday! Much to the chagrin of my wife!)

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Happy Thanksgiving to All!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Let’s all take time today to reflect on those things that for which we are thankful. For me that includes my family, my wife and children and their wives, boyfriend, and friends. While our family has grown smaller this year with the passing of my mother, it also has grown larger as Meaghan and her family have joined us on life’s journey. We welcome her and her family and wish Andrew and her the best as the set sail on their journey.

I’m thankful that our great country saw fit to continue to move Forward and not regress to the policies of the past! I am thankful this morning that there is a cease-fire in Gaza that held through the night and I hope it will last longer. I only wish that the war could end for the people of Syria!

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Today in My History – Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!!

So today is one of those days  when you feel older and it’s not your birthday. See today is my youngest child Elizabeth’s twenty-second birthday! Seems like only yesterday my wife was pleading for drugs during labor! Then Edward got in trouble  because he was afraid to hold her! So tiny, so fragile!  Here’s one of my favorite pictures with Nick holding Lizzie the next morning, and Andrew right behind him!

Anyway, she’s all grown up now and we’re super proud of all her accomplishments! We just received a pamphlet in the mail today, telling all about graduation day at William and Mary. It seems like just yesterday, we were sitting in William and Mary Hall for the welcoming of her Freshman class! Can it really be  four years ago?

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Andrew and Meaghan’s Wedding Day!

Ok pop quiz, which member of the wedding party has it the easiest? If you answered the Father of the Groom. I do believe that you are correct!  You don’t have to do much, except stand around have our picture taken and receive congratulations!! You have your clothes  all picked out for you, unlike the mother of the groom, who has to stress about her dress, plan the rehearsal dinner and then light one of the candles for the unity candle, all I had to do was say “We will!   We gained another wonderful daughter-in-law as Meaghan and Andrew were married today! A beautiful day, a terrific venue and a great ceremony all added up to make it a wonderful day!

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Your Next Step is the Cure™Halloween Hustle: Philadelphia 5K!

Ok so I haven’t written yet about Saturday’s 5K and that’s mainly because I didn’t know my official time or place. Well, today the results were finally posted on the web!

But first let’s talk about the really important stuff, the event raise over $ 60,ooo dollars for lung cancer research!  Lung Cancer is the number one killer of the cancers and the least funded! General Donations will be open for the next three months at the website for Your Next Step is the Cure™Halloween Hustle: Philadelphia 5K.( My only regret about the day is that we didn’t raise as much money this year as last.)

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Mom’s Memorial Service – October 6, 2012

So yesterday we ran around getting everything set up for my mom’ memorial service which was held today. With her many lists my wife did a wonderful job of coordinating everything, and making sure the day was perfect. She succeeded.  The service today was very nice.  The minister Craig Waetke give a beautiful eulogy and several members of the audience gave some nice personal remembrances.

The Memorial Table

The insert for the Memorial Program

The top photo is the beautiful memorial table of pictures that my wife created and the second is the insert that she made to be placed in the Memorial program. The verse at the bottom was from a hymn that my mom had wanted sung at the service, but the minister said it was a Catholic hymn and not in the church’s hymnal. He said that the organist had the music for the hymn and would play it at the beginning of the service.

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