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Exploring the Prog Rock of the UK’s IQ The Road of Bones!

Evil man gesturing silence, quiet isolated on black backgroundThe other day I saw an interesting album on Progstreaming IQ’s The Road of Bones. I went to Spotify put the album on,  listened to a few minutes of the opening track “From the Outside In” really liked it and quickly downloaded the album  to the iPhone. I had a chance to listen to the album more fully this morning, and I love it. I see after reviewing band information at both IQ’s website and ProgArchives that IQ is a neo-prog band from the United Kingdom. IQ was formed in 1981 and seem to tour mostly in the UK and Europe, which partially explains why I have never heard of them.

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Gandalf’s Fist A Forest of Fey

A Forest of FeyThere have been some changes in the Neo Prog rock band Gandalf’s Fist, since their last release A Day in the Life of a Universal Wanderer. The new release  A Forest of Fey, is Gandalf Fist’s first release as a four-person band! What hasn’t changed is the stellar progressive rock delivered by the band!

Gandalf’s  Fist was formed in 2005 and was originally a creative collaboration between multi-instrumentalist Dean Marsh and lyricist/vocalist Luke Severn. The name Gandalf’s Fist, which conjures up images from J.R.R. Tolkien’s work, actually  originated, when a friend of theirs invented the name to try to impress a geeky girl one night in a bar!!  After the success of their first four albums,  in particular A Day in the Life of  a Universal Wanderer, The band appeared on the bill at Planet Rockstock ’13. After that performance, touring musicians Stefan Hepe and Chris Ewen were promoted to full-time band members

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Exploring the Neo-Prog of the UK’s Cosmograf – Capacitor – Electrifying!

CapacitorSo once again I listen to a band, I like their music , I go to read about the band and I find, the band is mostly a one-person band and the music fits into the Neo-Prog sub-genre!! In this instance, the band is Cosmograf and the rock project leader is Robin Armstrong, a multi-instrumentalist from Waterlooville (near Portsmouth) in the United Kingdom. (We pause now to give in to my ADD and to find out more about Waterlooville)


Waterlooville is a town in Hampshire, England, near the southern cost of England, approximately 8 miles north of Portsmouth. From Wikipedia:

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Exploring Neo Prog from the United States’ Roy Strattman – The Lie of the Beholder!

Lie of the BeholderThis morning I took a moment and gave a quick listen to a few of the albums now on progstreaming, I picked two, found the albums on Spotify, put them on the iPhone and listened today. The two albums were from Roy Strattman: The Lie of the Beholder and Mike Kershaw’s Ice Age. Of the two I listened to more of Strattman than Kershaw, so I guess I’ll begin there.

The Lie of the Beholder is the first album produced by Roy Strattman under his own name, prior to this release Strattman has been, since 2002, the sole guitarist and joint composer for the band Little Atlas.Little Atlas has released five albums the last being 2013’s Automatic Day. The last four albums have fairly high ratings at the ProgArchives.

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The Old Runner Gets Going Again… with Music from Ontofield …Sleeping with Fractals!

So Tuesday was fairly hot here in New Jersey and then yesterday it cooled off a little, and the fair weather runner inside me said yes today is the day!!Checking Runmeter on the iPhone I see that with half the month gone this is my first run in May, My last run was April 28th, that sucks, I should be ashamed of myself! Anyway I did feel pretty good yesterday so I did some light yoga stretching and took off. I felt good through the first two miles and averaged 10:06 per mile, then I slowed down over the 3rd mile to 10:38 pace and held on over the last mile 11:11 pace! Overall, the pace was right at 10:30 which again for almost 63 years old ain’t too bad. The main problem getting two or three days a week in is that I work Friday and Saturday so I don’t really want to run on those days and then on Sunday I’m tired from the two previous nights and we’ve been going to Paulsboro to see Oliver, Andrew and Meaghan so I put off running and convince myself I’ll go Monday and then I put that off and end up with one day a week. I really need to look at and figure out a schedule so I can get three runs in a week!!

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Symphonic Prog from the USA’s Rocket Scientists – Supernatural Highways! (Video)

Superntural HighwaysMany moons ago, when my on Andrew still was working part-time at Target, I have a vague recollection of him telling me about a band he had listened to and enjoyed – Rocket Scientists. I think that I gave the band a quick listen and really didn’t care for them. A week or so ago, the band released a new EP titled Supernatural Highways, so I went to Spotify to check it out. There are two tracks on this 30 minute EP- track one “Traveler on the Supernatural Highway” hogs 26 minutes of them, leaving 4 minutes plus for “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”! Anyway both are instrumentals and both are really good!!

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Neo Prog from the UK – Gandalf’s Fist- A Day in the Life of (..Ivan -Not! …) a Univeral Wanderer

When I first heard of the band Gandalf’s Fist……

….. I discovered two guys who over the last few years have become good friends and have formed a band with a name that arose from an attempt by a mutual friend to impress a geeky girl. The band name that their friend created and the two friends have stolen is Gandalf’s Fist!  The two friends are  multi-instrumentalist Dean Marsh and lyricist/vocalist Luke Severn.  Their music is steeped in the British Prog rock scene of the 1970s….Continue Reading

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The Safari Visits RPWL (for real this time) – Wanted!!

RPWL 1RPWL is s neo prog rock band from Germany that was formed in 1997 as a Pink Floyd cover band. Three years after the band formed they started to make their own music. While their music was still rooted in the that  70s and 80s Pink Floyd Prog era their debut release God Has Failed met with positive reviews in most major progressive rock magazines. Since then the band has released five studio albums, three live albums and two DVDs!

Their most recent release Wanted has been in my music rotation now for the last couple of weeks. I first Wantedcame across RPWL a while back when I was reviewing the album Numb from Blind Ego. I discovered then that Blind Ego was a side project for Kalle Wallner the lead guitarist and the W in RPWL. The other letters stand for drummer Phil Paul Rissettio, bassist Chris Postl, and vocalist – keyboardist Yogi Lang. Of the fonding four members, only Wallner and Lang are still with the group. The other musicians on Wanted are Marc Turiaux /on drums, Markus Jehle, keyboard and piano and Werner Taus plays bass

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Neo-Prog from Germany’s RPWL (not!) but here’s a side project – Blind Ego – Numb!!

So for the last few days I’ve been listening to the latest release Wanted, from the German Neo-Prog group RPWL. When I went to start to write about the band, I saw that band member Kalle Wallner (guitar) has a side project named Blind Ego -That sent me back to my archves where I found this post I wrote back in March of last year! So since I wasted the afternoon and can not complete a post about RPWL before I go to work tonight at Target, here is that post!1 I’ll write about Wanted soon!!

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Archives:A Good Music Day ends in Knight Area from the Netherlands!


Originally posted: May 23, 2o13 at Me, Myself,Music and Mysteries

Friday night on my way to work at Target, I had the iPod  on random shuffle and Knght Area came on today would be a good morning to re-explore the day I first listen to their music!!

Yesterday was a Blues and Prog Rock day I. started the day listening to the new album Seesaw from Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa. This was my first listen to the album and. I liked what I heard!  Beth Hart’s strong blues voice and Joe’s powerful guitar are a perfect match! This album will get played a lot over the next  week!

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