The Hunt for DNA Connections Goes On!

Through DNA the Hunt for Genealogical Connections Goes On!!

So over the last several weeks I have spent more time at, trying to unravel the tangled roots of my various family lines, than either reading or listening to music. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t been reading or listening at all, just that my focus has been on searching for dead people. One of the most interesting finds was a great-aunt Alice Matilda Ashton.

My great-grandfather John Sherrington Ashton III was born in 1858. The son of John Sherrington Ashton and Mary Parezo. John married Mary E Warwick in 1881. As far as I knew they had five children: Mary Catherine, Edward, William L., Horace, and Blanche. Of those children, my mother only knew one, William, who was to her Uncle Bill, who lived in Pennsylvania. From my genealogical searching I knew of Horace,Edward and Blanche. Edward and Blanche both died as teenagers. Horace was only one when he died. Recently, I discovered through DNA and Ancestry that Mary Catherine married an Emil Gottlieb and lived in Philadelphia. She even had a child named John Sherrington Gottlieb!!

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Bangs Trimming Can You Relate??

Can you relate to the above?? When were your bangs cut like these!

Yesterday my wife updated her Facebook status using the card featured above with the accompanying tag  “almost every woman I know who grew up in the 1950’s-1960’s can relate to this one lol” So the questions before house today is, was this phenomena restricted to the 50s and 60s or is bangs’ trimming   still going on today!! Did it go on in days before the 50s!


This Karn family photo from the 1920s suggests that it may have been going on in years past!!’ And not just in the Karn family but also in the Ashton family

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A Family Video made for My Cousin – Music “Who Knows Where The Time Goes” – The Strawbs – Sandy Denny

Yesterday was not a good day for a variety of reasons and tonight as I sat at the computer I thought I need some laughs! So I went to Youtube with the intent of finding a funny video and when I got there I got distracted - big surprise there! . Because I found one of my first drafts of a video, I was making for my cousin Marti's 60th birthday party. In the video I used a variety of pictures Marti at various ages along with photos of my father and his brothers Arthur, (Marti's father) and Kenny. I'm in several of the pictures with Marti. I used The Strawbs "Who Knows Where the Time Goes" featuring the vocals of Sandy Denny. when I got done this draft my wife thought it was a little too depressing so I changed the final version.

Happy Thanksgiving to All!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Let’s all take time today to reflect on those things that for which we are thankful. For me that includes my family, my wife and children and their wives, boyfriend, and friends. While our family has grown smaller this year with the passing of my mother, it also has grown larger as Meaghan and her family have joined us on life’s journey. We welcome her and her family and wish Andrew and her the best as the set sail on their journey.

I’m thankful that our great country saw fit to continue to move Forward and not regress to the policies of the past! I am thankful this morning that there is a cease-fire in Gaza that held through the night and I hope it will last longer. I only wish that the war could end for the people of Syria!

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