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This Date in Music – Nov 10, 1947 – Happy Birthday, Greg Lake!

On this day in 1947 English musician, songwriter, producer and founding member of King Crimson and Emerson, Lake and Palmer Gregory Stuart “Greg” Lake was born. Greg Lake and I go back a long way Greg is 4 years my senior so,  while I was a 17-year-old high school student, Greg was invited by  his  high school friend guitarist Robert Fripp, to join King Crimson. Fripp asked Lake a fellow guitarist asked Lake to switch to bass and to take on the role of lead singer. Lake agreed and as they say the rest is history!! So my first introduction to Lake’s music was from King Crimson’s debut album In the Court of the Crimson King. From Wikipedia:

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The Safari Lunches with Persephone’s Dream from Pittsburgh, PA!

So the Safari didn’t have to travel far this week as I’ve been listening to Pan: An Urban Pastoral  from the Pittsburgh based band Persephone’s Dream. From the ProgArchives……

Claiming influences like RUSH, GENESIS and OZRIC TENTACLES, Pittsburgh,PA band PERSEPHONE”S DREAM (named after a Greek myth) was formed initially in 1993 by guitarist Rowen POOLE and bassist Christ SIEGEL. The duo drafted an intern named Judilynn NEIDERCORN to sing vocals and recorded the band’s first album, ‘Evening Mirage’, in Rowan’s dining room. Although the album was not released until 1997, it gained some radio play and a cut off the record was used on a U.S. soap opera. Read More

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Music Safari runs with Norway’s Kerrs Pink – Mystic Spirit

There’s good news and bad news from last night’s run. The good news is the headlamp that I bought the other day works great. It makes the road visible to me and me visible to drivers! The bad news is that now I have no excuse for not running when it gets dark at five o’clock!! Last night’s run was pretty good. The first mile was 9:30 and the rest were around 9:50 minutes plus! Kerrs PinkThe soundtrack for the run was a new to me Prog Rock band from Norway Kerrs Pink. I listened to their latest release Mystic Storm. Now since I didn’t know much about the band (what’s new!} my first stop was Wikipedia. I was doing two things at the same time I just typed Kerrs Pink in the search box clicked when Kerr’s Pink appeared and this is what I found out!

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The Music Safari finds – 2013 Prog Rock in Greece – Until Rain – Anthem to Creation

Until Rain

Today the Music Safari lands in Greece – Thessalonki, in particular, where we meet – Yannis Papadopoulos,  Theodore Amaxopoulos, Lefteris Germenlis, Bill Gkagkavouzis and Alex Hughes, who collectively form the extremely good and young progressive metal band Until Rain.   Actually, the current band differs slightly from the onethat was formed in  2004 by then 14-year old schoolmates, Orestis FIKOS (Bass), Lefteris GERMENLIS (Keyboards) and Alex HUGHES (Drums).The change came between their debut album “The Reign of Dreams” released in 2009 and the follow-up album  Anthem to Creation released in 2013 (which by the way was released on my wedding anniversary August 23rd). The changes were two-fold  first Yannis Papadopoulos replaced Damianos Roussos on vocals, and secondly Bill Gkagkavouzis replaced Fikos on bass, Time out!! Before we go any further, it’s time for a geography lesson. For all of you haters or those who could care less, you can skip the next part from Wikipedia!

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The Musical Safari finds Gandalf’s Fist – Neo Prog from the UK!

Today, well actually yesterday, the Musical Safari flew across the pond and landed in Cumbria, UK


Cumbria is one of the most sparsely populated counties in the United Kingdom, with 73.4 people per km2 (190/sq mi).

Cumbria, the third largest ceremonial county in England by area, is bounded to the north by the Scottish council areas of Dumfries and Galloway and Scottish Borders, to the west by the Irish Sea, to the south by Lancashire, to the southeast by North Yorkshire, and to the east by County Durham and Northumberland (Pardon the social studies teacher rearing his head)

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The Safari heads to the Windy City and finds New Prog Rock from Oceanborn!

So earlier this week I created a new rule about the music I listen to during a run. The rule is the music should be more often than not Prog Rock! The reason many-sided.  First there’s a lot of music and fewer vocals, so I don’t have to listen and determine what the lyrics are, instead I can just let the music wash over me. Secondly, there are lots of tempo changes that allow me to speed up and slow down at varying points during the run!  Thursday night was the first night I implemented the rule, and the run went pretty well, partly because it was a cool night, and the music from a new Progressive Rock band from Chicago – Oceanborn. Their debut release Hidden From The World  was the soundtrack for the run and based on what I heard, I think that you’ll be hearing more about the band! The music was a combination  of  good vocals, outstanding playing and songwriting! When I was first deciding on new music for the run, I read this about the album at New Prog Releases

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The Musical Safari travels to Finland and finds – Lars Eric Mattsson’s Epicentre!

A while back, I was checking the new progressive rock album released in September. What usually catches my attention is the country of origin of the artist. There were several bands from Italy, as well as The Netherlands, the UK, the US and one from Finland Lars Eric Mattsson When I saw that Lion Music released the album, I thought, hey, I know that company! They released another album that I listened to recently, Marcus Jidell’sictures from a Time Traveller. When I went back to their website, there was Lars Eric, looking at me from right above Marcus…

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