Granddad’s Forces Battle a Cold!

…the Cold slows the War against Aging….


So I think that over the last week as I have fought a very annoying cold that my biologic clock has possibly stopped going backwards and started to more forward again! Thankfully, I do believe that it is on its last legs and hopefully be gone or at the very least very minimal by tomorrow!  Due to the cold and feeling crappy, I have not run or really done any hard exercising. Here’s a photo representation of me working out last week.

Granddad exercising with a cold

On the mornings that I felt half alive, I was able to do Hatha yoga otherwise I just sat around, felt miserable and read! The only good thing was that I did finish two books. First Dance of Death from Preston and Child and then Inspector of the Dead by David Morrell. Both were terrific!

About the only positive thing that I have been doing in the way of my diet, is that I have, over the last several weeks, been having a strawberry banana smoothie for breakfast. The last few smoothies have had chopped walnuts thrown into the mix. I have also been eating Greek yogurt fairly regularly!

On the babysitting front, daughter in law Missy was not scheduled on Monday or Wednesday last week, which was actually a good thing since I was sick! I was supposed to sit for Oliver on Thursday  but I had to cancel! We did though see them both Zoe and Oliver on Mother’s Day when we had a wonderful afternoon with all my children and grandchildren (minus Nick who had to work) at my son Andrew’s house.


While I tried to stay away from everyone, for the most part. Aunt Lizzie got to spend some time with her favorite nephew! I think she’s telling him that the last time she saw him he was running away from her, down Broad Street carrying her phone!


and then Oliver gave the camera his best “lady killer” look according to my wife. While Zoe put on a rather typical happy face…..followed by her best Jack-O-Lantern smile…


11263034_10153459161348273_7352865380614062577_o (1)


and then Zoe and Oliver played nicely together…..

11138573_10153459040053273_2064451760528880398_n (1)


So hopefully, I will continue to recover from this cold, and get back into the swing of things, and get my body moving, helping to slow down my biologic clock! Of course I am babysitting Oliver tomorrow, which guarantees that I will be moving. Now whether or not that will be serene movement or not is up for debate!!