Elizabeth Conquers the Broad Street Run!

Lizzie Came, She Ran, She Conquered – 2015 Broad Street Run


So the Broad Street Run went pretty well today! We parked in the Wells Fargo parking lot and took the Broad line up to the starting line around the Olney Station. While I rode the high-speed line from Lindenwold into the city back in the 70s, this was my first trip on the Broad St subway, and I believe Elizabeth said itself her first trip on any subway.

Broad Street Run - Yellow CorralLizzie was in the yellow corral, which was the next to last group to start. Since I have never been in a race with this many runners, I was unfamiliar with the starting procedures. The start of each corral was spaced maybe five minutes apart. I always thought that the group moved as one, but your time didn’t start until you crossed the starting line. Instead it’s like having seven smaller races! Unfortunately I missed seeing Lizzie at the start!

Lizzie - Pre- Broad Street Run

Lizzie – Pre-Run

Anyway the race started a few minutes after 8 AM.(See Featured Image) Mayor Nutter was there hi-fiving runners from the first few corrals!  I think Lizzie said her corral didn’t start until 8:50, which is near the time when the winner was crossing the finish line!  The winner Haile Mengesha finished in 47:53!

After everyone had started, I walked down to the Logan Station and took the subway back to the Wells Fargo Center . Then I followed the crowd down to the finish line at the Navy Yard.

Through the magic of technology I was able to see Lizzie’s time at both the three and five-mile marks. She finished three miles in 32:17 and crossed the five-mile mark in 54:38. At that pace I figured she would be ok at the finish! Once I got to the Navy Yard , I didn’t get another update on her time. That time should have been at the seven mile mark. It would have given me an idea about where she was and when she would finish. Instead I went to near the finish to watch for her, and like I did at the start, I missed her! After standing and watching finishers from the last corral, I checked my phone in case she had messaged me and then headed to the Dunkin Donuts truck,which is where we said we would meet. No Lizzie, so I messaged her asking if she had finished! She responded yes and she said she explained where she was. She had actually been finished for about 30 minutes!

So we gathered our stuff and began the trek, along with a throng of people back up Broad St. to our respective cars!

Overall Lizzie finished in a time of 1hr 53 mins. She was in 27533rd place., 14037 for her gender and 1818 for her division. pretty good for someone who has been running for only a couple of years and until today had not run more than six miles!  Someone who walked during the mile run for gym! Way to go Lizzie. It must have been those thoughts of chasing Oliver,who had your phone that kept you going!




I am proud of you and hope we can run together next year’s Broad St. Run!

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