Saturday Potpouri:Broad Street Run and more….

Broad Street Run, Books, children and grandchildren,  NFL draft, does it get better?

So today has been a busy and very nice day.It started with a trip into Philly to pick up my daughter Elizabeth’!s race packet for tomorrow’s Broad Street run. She will be running down Broad Street tomorrow along with around 39000 other people! She has to be at the start at 7:40 for the 8:00 start. Since there is no parking for 40000 people at the street we have to park at the Sport’s complex and take Septa to the start and then I will have to travel back by Septa to the finish at the Navy yard! I don’t know if I will go all the way at once or go half way and wait to see her and then go to the finish. The question is will I be able to see her among the crowd of runners! Anyway it should be interesting. Wish us luck!  Oliver sent his advice to Aunt Lizzie via his talented mommy!!



On the way back, we stopped at the Cinnaminson branch of the Burlington County Library. Their spring book sale was today! Controlling my impulse to take them up on their offer of a bag full of small paperback books for $3.00, I only bought two small paperbacks for .50 cents each,along with one $3.00 hardback and 2 $1.00 trade size paperbacks. The grand total six bucks for five books. Here’s what I bought…..

SandstormJames Rollins – this is the first Sigma Force  book and I believe it’s the only one I haven’t read!

PhobosSteve Alten This one looked interesting and I have never read anything by the author. I found out though that the book is the third book in the series, so I want to go back and read books 1 and 2 first.j

In the Lake of the Woods – Tim O’Brien – another bestseller from O’Brien once again with a Vietnam war tie in.

The Lost City of Z David Grann – I think I started this s book once and then got distracted! Maybe I can stay with it this time!

Fool – Christopher Moore – I started this one, too hoping to stay with it took!

After coming home my wife and daughter went to babysit Zoe and I joined them for a bit before her dad came home early and she went down for a nap! Damn she’s cute!

When Zoe went down for a nap we came home, and I watched the NFL draft. I think that at least twice when the Eagles were making their picks they went to a commercial with no scroll at the bottom. The Eagles ended up with two cornerbacks and a 6’9″ defensive end! Can you say kick.blocker!

Finally I went for a run – 5 miles half of what Elizabeth will be doing tomorrow! I will write more about that in a while! Maybe, but I do seem to be winding down and it’s getting late…. and I will be getting up early to go to Philly… maybe it’s night all after a pretty good day!