Bangs Trimming Can You Relate??

Can you relate to the above?? When were your bangs cut like these!


Yesterday my wife updated her Facebook status using the card featured above with the accompanying tag  “almost every woman I know who grew up in the 1950’s-1960’s can relate to this one lol” So the questions before house today is, was this phenomena restricted to the 50s and 60s or is bangs’ trimming   still going on today!! Did it go on in days before the 50s!


This Karn family photo from the 1920s suggests that it may have been going on in years past!!’ And not just in the Karn family but also in the Ashton family

Helen suffers from bangs cutting

That’s my mother, Helen Ashton with her brothers John and Jim, cousin Billy Atz and their grandmother Charlotte Regars. The photograph below suggest that maybe young men have suffered from the phenomena in the past…..
Arthur and Edward Karn


That’s my father on the right with his brother Arthur!! Arthur does not look pleased – but I doubt that he is pouting about his bangs!!

And the reason is that his bangs are long, as are the bangs of the others in this post. My wife has just informed me that I have missed the point of the card (not a hard thing for me to do) The point is that my wife’s mother and women of the 50s and 60s when they trimmed the bangs the bangs would be crooked, and they would keep trimming until the bangs were almost non-existent! Is that correct now ladies!

So forget about the above as far as bangs go, and enjoy them just as a part of my family history!!  As for me, my mother did strange things with my hair, too Lucky I have no memory of it!!!



That’s me in the center with my cousins Marti Karn and Jimmy Ashton….

Anyway The question to you ladies is can you relate to the bangs’ trimming! When did it happen to you??

ADD Sidetrack excursion…….ok so I have a plugin on my site from Zemanta that provides links and related articles for what you are writing about one of the links provided for this post was for a Helen Ashton. The link is to an article at Wikipedia. While ‘I know that it is not an article about my mother I thought the I would check it out…… here’s what I found out

Helen Rosaline Ashton (18 October 1891 – 27 June 1958) was a British novelist, literary biographer and physician….

Born in Kensington, London, Helen Ashton was the daughter of Emma Burnie and Arthur Jacob Ashton, KC, Recorder of Manchester. Her brother was Sir Leigh Ashton, director of the Victoria and Albert Museum

After her marriage, Ashton retired from medicine but continued to write. Over 43 years she published 26 books, which included several literary biographies, such as I Had A Sister (written with Katharine Davies in 1937 – a study of Mary Lamb, Dorothy Wordsworth, Caroline Herschel and Cassandra Austen), William and Dorothy (1938), and Parson Austen’s Daughter (1949) amongst others. Her first major fictional success was Doctor Serocold (1930) in which she was able to draw upon her medical knowledge. Also included amongst her fictional works were Bricks and Mortar (1932), republished in 2004 by Persephone Books, and Yeoman’s Hospital (1944), on which the 1951 film White Corridors was based. Read More

Now I wondered could their be a family connection between the Helen Ashtons’ families. My mother’s family originates as far a I know in the Holbeach, England. The farthest back I have been able to trace the line is the late 1700. early 1800s From I have found a family tree for Arthur Jacob Ashton and his family in the early 1800s were living in Ashton-Under-Lyne about 120 northwest of Holbeach. No connection yet, but maybe??? Who Knows!!