Zoe Provides a Recovery Day!

Oliver provides the Workout and Zoe the Recovery – Yin and Yang Once More!


If babysitting Oliver is the workout, then babysitting Zoe is the recovery day!! About the only part of my body that got a good workout yesterday were my fingers. They were chewed on by Miss Zoe most of the day! They were preferred over the teething rings! When I got there Zoe was asleep, Melissa said she would probably wake up about 9:30 and she would be ready to eat again at sometime between 10:30 and 11:00, sounded good to me! So I set up the laptop and got to work and occasionally checked on her. The checking became more regular as she was still asleep when 9:30 came around, She was still asleep at 10:00 and at 10:30 now I was worrying, but she was still moving around, so logically I knew she was ok. At about 10:50 or so I was texting with my wife she asked when Zoe was supposed to eat, I said about  five minutes ago,- LOL! Anyway we both thought that her stomach would have her waking soon! Our thoughts were borne out when she awoke a few minutes later, and Kathy wished good luck.

I sat Zoe up with her toys for a few minutes while I heated her bottle and I sent this video to my wife……



With the comment “I like this playing!” Anyway I gave her a bottle and then we watched some videos and played a little, at around two o’clock she got a little fussy and fell back to sleep. That nap though was a short one and only lasted about half an hour! But then she only had a short time until she could eat again, which she did, Then she got changed, and we brought some more books downstairs and we again watched videos, played with some toys, chewed on Granddad’s fingers and before I knew it her dad was home. Here is one of the toys she played with. This video was not from yesterday but the time before but she is still amazing with her body control, for a six month old!


All in all it was another fine day with Zoe and my fingers have recovered nicely. They say that “variety is the spice of life” and I must say that Renaissance Granddad’s life is wonderfully spicy because of the variety in my grandchildren. One thing is the same though, Zoe and Oliver are both the best grandchildren ever and both super smart!!