An Active Day with Oliver!!

Oliver makes babysitting a workout!!


So my last two days have been spent with my two favorite little people! Tuesday was spent with grandson Oliver and today with granddaughter Zoe. Since I am writing about them  tonight may give you an idea which day was more tiring!!  I must say though that my tiredness on Tuesday was increased by the traffic on 295 which caused Andrew to arrive home about a half hour late.

Anyway, Tuesday’s babysitting day did not start very well When I arrived Oliver got down from the couch and went to his playroom and brought me two books, that was the highpoint of the first hour! After that, Mr Oliver proceeded to melt down and cry hysterically for his mom. I tried several things but nothing seemed to work. I could get him calm for a few seconds and then it was back to hysteria! But through it, he wanted me to pick him up!! Anyway, I finally got him calmed down and a heartbroken mom snuck out the front door. After mom left, Oliver was for the most part calm and the day proceeded as normal, All that crying tired the young man out and soon after his morning bottle he conked out for about an hour and a half!

Since he was pretty much on schedule I  thought that a little afternoon playing would lead to a nap after his 3:30 bottle. You are wrong oh wise granddad! While we sat and watched Baby Einstein Lullaby and Mr Oliver yawned away I  kept my fingers crossed, but they uncrossed when he sat up and start bouncing up and down on the couch!! Yes, all that relaxing did not lead to a nap, but rather allowed him to get his second wind!! Unfortunately, my second wind was nowhere to be seen. So granddad sat and watched the show as Oliver rocked out to Uptown Funk while holding the iPhone charging cord!! .

So between the meltdown and the rocking out to Uptown Funk, we did have a nice day reading, and throwing balls around the house, The family cat Zack even go into the action…….

There were some quiet times when we read and Oliver played with his favorite toy of the day the cords from the living room blinds!! Ye,s it was another greater day and I’m tired just thinking about it……so I’ll tell you about my day with Zoe tomorrow.

Oliver and the blinds