Granddad Babysits a Cranky Zoe – not!

So yesterday I babysat my five month old granddaughter Zoe. I watched her from 12:30 until my son Peter got home around 5 o’clock. When I first got to their apartment, my daughter-in-law Melissa was holding, said Zoe was a cranky baby, who wouldn’t nap! So I thought I was going to be in for a tough afternoon with a cranky baby!! After Missy left I laid Zoe down on her playmate and much to my surprise she did not  fuss and cry. Instead she laid there and played very nicely!!

SZoe lounging!Shortly after laying her down I took this picture and tweeted it to my wife…. Her response was “LOL she doesn’t look cranky to me” and she wasn’t! I read to her for a bit,  then we watched “Baby Einstein on the Farm” and “Wheels on the bus” and before long it was two o’clock and time for her bottle. I still don’t have this bottle thing down, four kids and it took me until I was 63 to give a child a bottle! Anyway, Zoe drank about 2/3 of the bottle and then fell asleep. She stayed asleep until after 4:30.When she got up, I read to her again and she sat and played  with some toys, – by herself! Before long Dad was home and granddad was on his way home!!

Zoe being cranky-not!

Here’s the way see spent most of the afternoon! Oh what a difference five months makes. Here’s a composite video of my grandson Oliver Edward Karn taken over the last month or so. In the first part, he is doing a little home redecorating and later he is rocking out to “Uptown Funk” Of course, Mr. Oliver has ALWAYS been a little more active than Miss Zoe!

Anyway it was a nice afternoon, with a very non-cranky, good napping little girl ……LOL! Now with that said, next week may be a whole new ballgame!!


On the way over to babysit Zoe, the new album Blackbirds from Gretchen Peters was the soundtrack for the ride and  on the way home it was a great new blues album from Brandon Santini. I will try to write something about both albums at Me,Myself, Music, and Mysteries later tonight or tomorrow I will post a link when the posts are done!!