Ad Maiora! from Ad Maiora – Rock Progressivo Italiano

The phrase Ad Maiora means “to greater things” in Latin and that’s where, in my opinion,  the Italian Prog Rock band,  who chose that expression for their name, is headed.  Yes, based on their self-titled debut album. I think that Ad Maiora will be moving on to greater things!

The band was formed in 2009 in Milan, as a progressive rock project. During the period between 2009 and 2013 Ad Maiora was writing their own compositions, all of which appear on their debut album Ad Maiora! which was released in January of 2014. It was also in  this time period that the band contributed the track “Whaling Stories” to a Procol Harum tribute album, and played in support of  Italian bands like Ubi Maior and Shylock.

AD Maiora BandAd Maiora is composed of :Enzo Giardina / drums, Flavio Carnovali / electric guitar, Moreno Piva / bass, classical guitar, Paolo Callioni / vocals and Sergio Caleca / keyboards. The majority of the tracks on Ad Maiora! are instrumentals featuring outstanding keyboards, guitars, drums,  and bass, too! The vocals are in English as well as Italian. As I listened, I could certainly hear the influences of Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Camel and Genesis. Their biography at ProgArchives says….

The band describe their music as `originals – in every sense’,… ….Predominantly instrumental, with thick upfront bass, dazzling keyboard displays, confident drumming, thrilling acoustic/electric guitar performances and occasional superior English vocals, the amount of variety on display is instantly noticeable. Ad Maiora are not simply tied down to traditional R.P.I characteristics (despite a run of tracks in the second half of the disc such as `Menate’ and `Corolla’ showcasing that classical grandiosity and wild keyboard bombast), they incorporate a wide range of worldwide vintage prog influences such as CAMEL, TRION, little traces of E.L.P and GENESIS, as well as Italian bands like PHOENIX AGAIN and LOST TALES that play in numerous styles. Anyone who enjoys varied instrumental displays will adore this album, and it gets the band off to a great start. Highly recommended!

Now while I don’t know all the subtle aspects of Rock Progressivo Italiano (RPI), the sub-genre that Ad Maiora is included in, I do know that I enjoyed the symphonic overtones of “Corolla” and Sergio Caleca’s great keyboard work throughout Ad Maiora!

Bottom Line: Ad Maiora! is a really, really good album.  At ProgArchives, the album has received  a 3.83 rating, and is labeled as “An excellent addition to any prog rock music collection” and I wholeheartedly agree!! You can read reviews here at ProgArchives.So Check Out – Ad Maiora! from Ad Maiora.

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Here’s Ad Maiora performing “Corolla” (live Abasse 27-07-14) feat. Francesco Lattuada