Exploring the Music of Mostly Autumn

Folk Prog – United Kingdom                                 Current Release: Dressed in Voices (2014)

Dressed in VoicesMostly Autumn is  Prog Folk band, ProgArchive describes their music as:

… powerful atmospheric rock with a Celtic edge, influenced by PINK FLOYD, DEEP PURPLE and GENESIS, and reminiscent of 70’s FLEETWOOD MAC and FAIRPORT CONVENTION. Their sound incorporates the uses of flute, low and penny whistles, violins and vocal harmonies – over a powerful band, existing of keyboards, two guitarists, bass and drums.

Mostly Autumn was formed in 1995. Several of the  band’s original members had been part of  the  Pink Floyd/1970s tribute band One Stoned Snowman. In 1999, after several years of touring,  Mostly Autumn’s debut album For All We Shared was released. The original line-up of musicians included:

Bryan Josh / electric guitar, vocals, 6 string + 12 string acoustic, e-bow
Heather Findlay / vocals, 6 string acoustic guitar, tamborine
Iain Jennings / keyboards, vocals  Liam Davison / additional electric guitar, vocals, 6 string + 12 string acoustic guitar
Bob Faulds / violins
Stuart Carver / bass guitar
Kev Gibbons / low whistle, high whistle
Allan Scott / drums

Since then Mostly Autumn has released 10 studio albums. along with 14 live albums and numerous DVDs!  They have never signed a contract with a major record label and have made their name with their constant touring!  Mostly Autumn’s latest release is Dressed in Voices , which was recently released and is my introduction to the band!

The musician line-up for Mostly Autumn has been in constant flux over the years, there are at least 16 former members of the band listed on the band’s biography page at Wikipedia. The musician line-up that recorded Dressed in Voices is……

Moslty AutumnBryan Josh / guitars, keyboards, vocals Olivia Sparnenn Josh / lead vocals, percussion
Iain Jennings / keyboards, synthesisers, Hammond organ
Liam Davison / guitars, vocals
Anne-Marie Helder / guitars, flute, keyboards, vocals
Andy Smith / bass guitar
Alex Cromerty / drums

On my first listen to Dressed in Voices, I wasn’t sure about the album, since I listen to only a few bands with a female lead singer.  But the more I listened to the album the more I became a fan of the vocals of Olivia Sparnenn, now Mrs. Josh!  Olivia joined the band in 2005 as a background singer and moved up to the lead vocalist in 2011 when Heather Findlay left the band to embark on a solo career. For me, her vocals rank up there with the best of them couple the with both the fine keyboard and guitars of Bryan Josh and Iain Jennings and well, you get a damn fine band!

So Check Them Out!! And once again, I have a vast back catalog of music to explore!!!

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