Flying with the Super band Flying Colors’ Album Second Nature!

Second NatureOne of the albums that I’ve been listening to over the last month or so is the second release from Flying Colors Second Nature. Flying Colors is a band composed of  a terrific group of musicians. Here’s the story about the genesis of the band. From the band’s website…

It started with a simple idea: virtuoso musicians and a pop singer joining to make new-fashioned music the old fashioned way. A band followed, evolving into Flying Colors: Mike Portnoy (drums, vocals), Dave LaRue (bass), Neal Morse (keyboards, vocals), Casey McPherson (lead vocals), and Steve Morse (guitar). Together, they create a unique fusion of vintage craftsmanship, contemporary music and blistering live performances. Read More

There’s a lot of good music on this album, exactly what you’d expect from this group of musicians! Probably the song that’s stood out more than any other is “Mask Machine” Last Wednesday I had a chance to listen to the album for an extended period of time on my way back from some work I was doing down on the Garden State Parkway near Atlantic City and I really enjoyed the album, particularly the guitar of Steve Morse. I had not read about the album prior to listening to it, I knew that Mike Portnoy and Neal Morse were in the band, but didn’t know the rest of the band members, so I really didn’t know that Steve Morse was the lead guitar player, and after listening to the album I do think that I will need to go and listen to some of the albums from his band!!

Bottomline: The album would be a strong addition to any music library, not just a library that is predominantly progressive rock… as a matter of fact at the ProgArchives the band the sub-genre of the band is listed as prog-related! So if you like good rock music, check them out!!

Grade: A



Here’s the official video for “A Place in Your World” from Second Nature!