Exploring the Psychedelic/Space Rock of the UK’s Amplifier – Mystoria!

So yesterday the soundtrack for my run (you can read about the run here) was the latest release MystoriaMystoria from the UK psychedelic/Space rock band Amplifier. Amplifier plays highly original material using deeply personal lyrics with walls of noise and stunning melodies. Mystoria is the fifth studio album from the band. They have also released several singles and EPs and one live album.  The original members of the band were Sel Balamir lead guitarist and vocalist, Matt Brobin on drums and bassist Neil Mahony. After there 2011 release the band members changed with former Oceansize guitarist Steve Durose and bassist Alex “Magnum” Redhead joining the band in 2011 and 2012 respectively. The last two years have been a very prolific period in the band’s history. Between Echo Street and Mystoria the band released the EP Sunriders, which was followed by Live in Barcelona 2013. This contrasts with the release of only one EP Eternity that they release in the five years between Insider (2006) and The Octopus (2011). Balamir explains it like this….

“I think it’s just coming to realise more and more how precious time is,” says Balamir. “I want to put out at least a record every year while we still can.”

AmplifierMystoria opens with the instrumental track “Magic Carpet”, so not knowing anything about the band, I thought they were an instrumental band. I was pleasantly surprised when some good vocals kicked in on the second track “Black Rainbow”. The wall of sound created by the two guitars, bass and drums continues throughout the album punctuated by some great vocals. One of the problems with listening tp music on a run is that I have trouble picking up the lyrics, mainly because I am focusing more on my breathing than on the music. Balamir says this about Mystoria…..

“Mystoria doesn’t aspire to emulate any of its predecessors,” Balamir says, “but I suppose like Echo Street the approach to making it is a lot simpler – it’s just about the songs, pure and simple. We’d gone back to just trying to write great songs and melodies, and that’s where we’ve decided to stay.”

From the band’ biography at ProgArchives….

….This band has been hailed a lot in the media. Kerrang! Magazine said this was “.the British rock-scene altering record” when talking about their self titled debut album. Metal Hammer said they were “.the future of rock.” and even Q magazine said that “at present British rock doesn’t get much better than this.” Read More  So Check Them Out!!


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Here’s the Official Video for “Named After Rocky” from Mystoria