Exploring the Prog/Post-Rock Music of Tampa’s Tides of Man – Young and Courageous

So far this week  I have run two days, first on Sunday and then again yesterday. Young and CourageousSunday’s run was a struggle, and yesterday’s while only slightly faster was a bit easier! The soundtracks for each run was a progressive rock band. On Sunday  I listened to Tides of Man and their release Young and Courageous and yesterday, the soundtrack was Forest Field and their current release Onwards and Upwards.

Tides of Man is currently an instrumental prog/post-rock band, I say currently because Young and Courageous is an instrumental album but earlier albums had vocals. The vocalist Tilian Pearson left the band in 2010 after the release of the band’s second album Dreamhouse. Since then they have auditioned singers but have yet to find a replacement, hence the release of an instrumental album! The band says that they are in the midst of an identity crisis!

The band hails from Tampa, Florida and has shared stages throughout the US with bands like: AFI, Karnivool, Dance Gavin Dance, Emarosa, A Skylit Drive, Of Mice and Men, Oh Sleeper, From First To Last, We Came As Romans, Broadway, Vanna, Asking Alexandria, A Static Lullaby and Eye Alaska.

Tides of ManThe current line-up for the band is…..

Spencer Gill – lead guitar, backing vocals
Josh Gould – drums
Alan Jaye – bass
Daniel Miller – rhythm guitar

The album was probably a good choice for a run, because I think it works best as background music. I don’t mean that in a derogatory way, it’s just that you can put it on and just kinda’ let it wash over you, not really having to pay that much attention to it and yet you enjoy it – if that makes sense! On a scale of 0 to 5  (0 being I don’t think so turn it off please and 5 being I love it) the album falls in the middle at like 3 with the possibility of going higher with repeated listening!! So Check them out! (I’ll post later about Forest Field)


SYFFAL-Tides of Man – Young and Courageous

Here’s a live performance of the title track from Young and Courageous. …..