Exploring the Music of Spain’s Kant, Freud, Kafka – No Tengas Miedo – Symphonic or Not!

KantFreudKafkaAfter my run last night, I was pretty much physically drained, I took a shower, ate and then wrote a post at Me, Myself, Music and Mysteries. After that, I was going to write about my run and its soundtrack, which was the new album from The Royal Southern Brotherhood. While I was getting ready to write that post, I went to look up something about a prog band that I listened to earlier in the day Rite of Passage. wasn’t having much luck finding information, so I went to progstreaming, where I first saw their album. While I was browsing for the Rite of Passage album, I noticed another album No Tengas Miedo from Kant Freud Kafka. I went to Spotify found the album and gave it a listen and really liked the music. I set out to find more out about the band, off to ProgArchives. I ended up at the ProgArchives forum where there was a discussion among the leaders of the various sub-genre groups, whether or not, the band belonged in the Symphonic sub-genre. As I was listening, I was agreeing that the band was not symphonic, but more fusion/jazz oriented, but definitely prog and definitely good! Here is what I learned at New Prog Rock Releases…..

Kant Freud Kafka is the prog rock project of Javi Herrera, a drummer, singer and composer from Barcelona. “No tengas miedo”, KFK’s first record, is a story about light and darkness, fear and anger, expressed through music – symphonic progressive rock. The music is deeply influenced by 45 years of prog rock and also by classical music, with hints of jazz and even funk. Sounds like a mix of everything, but resembles nothing in particular.  Read More

From the line-up you can see that they use a variety of instruments that you don’t find in all progrock bands…..

Javi Herrera: drums, percussion , keyboards programming, vocals
Lluìs Cabal: viola (2, 4)
Esteve Cardús: flute (2-5)
Gora Casado: 12 string guitar (2)
Alia Herrera: violin (2)
Andrea Herrera: flute (3, 4)
Gemma Llorens: cello (2-4)
Xavi Padillo: clarinet (2)
Alejandro Pérez: Spanish guitar (2, 4)
Xavi Piñol: oboe, English horn (2-5)
Jordi Frontóns (Franc Albir): Moog synthesizer (3)
Jordi Porcar: bass (3, 4)
Pol Sánchez: electric (1-5) and acoustic (2, 5) guitars
Toni Sánchez: bass (1, 2)
Dick Them: bass (5)
Pep Mendoza: guitars (1)
Ewa Pyrek: violin (2, 4)

Finally from the band’s Facebook page….

“No Tengas miedo” was born many years ago in the late 80s, from a disturbing story written by a friend in order to exorcise her fear of darkness. The project, after many years forgotten, has finally achieved maturity, being partially rewritten and revived by a vital need which was always present – of capturing it on a record in first place – and then sharing it with others.  It has been recorded both with the aid of the vast array of virtual instruments that are now available through modern technology, and also an ensemble of traditional classical instruments – like oboe, cor anglais, flute, violin, viola, cello, clarinet and Spanish guitar – of course along with guitars, bass and drums. A trip to the dreamy world of Dama and Adah, to the conflict between darkness and light.Read more

So whether they are consisdered symphonic, crossover or jazz related progressive, in my opinion the band deserves to be checked out!! I have the album playing now and like it even more this morning.

Here’s a little taste of the band – the last section of “Antítesis” I’ll write about Rite of Passage later!