Monthly Archive: June 2014

2014 Progressive Metal from Iran – Whispers in Crimson – Suicide in B Minor!

Suicide in B MinorThis morning I was reviewing the new progressive rock albums that have been released in June. Among the releases was Suicide in B Minor by Whispers in Crimson which was released on June 24th. What made the album particularly interesting to me was,  the band hails from Tehran in Iran. I knew that progressive metal had a strong following in the Middle East, but I also thought that it was difficult to produce metal music in Iran, which is actually pretty much the case according to the founder of Whispers in Crimson  Amirali Nourbakhsh,  who in the band’s biography at their bandcamp site says:

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A Family Video made for My Cousin – Music “Who Knows Where The Time Goes” – The Strawbs – Sandy Denny

Yesterday was not a good day for a variety of reasons and tonight as I sat at the computer I thought I need some laughs! So I went to Youtube with the intent of finding a funny video and when I got there I got distracted - big surprise there! . Because I found one of my first drafts of a video, I was making for my cousin Marti's 60th birthday party. In the video I used a variety of pictures Marti at various ages along with photos of my father and his brothers Arthur, (Marti's father) and Kenny. I'm in several of the pictures with Marti. I used The Strawbs "Who Knows Where the Time Goes" featuring the vocals of Sandy Denny. when I got done this draft my wife thought it was a little too depressing so I changed the final version.