Symphonic Prog from the USA’s Rocket Scientists – Supernatural Highways! (Video)

Superntural HighwaysMany moons ago, when my on Andrew still was working part-time at Target, I have a vague recollection of him telling me about a band he had listened to and enjoyed – Rocket Scientists. I think that I gave the band a quick listen and really didn’t care for them. A week or so ago, the band released a new EP titled Supernatural Highways, so I went to Spotify to check it out. There are two tracks on this 30 minute EP- track one “Traveler on the Supernatural Highway” hogs 26 minutes of them, leaving 4 minutes plus for “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”! Anyway both are instrumentals and both are really good!!

Now also within the same time span, I listed to a couple of albums by Eric of them was The Galactic Collective. Eric’s 2010 release.I also liked that album. It wasn’t until tonight that I discovered that Erick was a founding member of Rocket Scientists along with guitarist Mark McCrite. The band released three studio albums and one live album in the 1990s and then took a 6 year break while members worked on solo projects. Norlander has released six studio albums and two live albums from 1997 to 2010. In 2006 Rocket Scientist returned with a 2 CD album Revolution Road, a box/compilation CD Looking Backward and this year’s release.

Supernatural Highways is a symphonic prog album. The musician lineup for the album is:

Rocket Scientist 4

L to R: Mark McCrite, Eric Norlander, Don Shiff

Mark McCrite / guitars
– Erik Norlander / synthesizers, piano, organ
– Don Schiff / NS/Sticks, cello
– Gregg Bissonette / drums
– Greg Ellis / percussion
– Lana Lane / vocal pads
– Jon Papenbrook / trumpet
– Eric Jorgensen / trombone

Together all these instruments create a really great musical landscape, so check it out! As for me, I think I’m going to check out Mark McCrite’s album, and Don Schiff’s album may be interesting the Chapman sticks are pretty cool instruments!

You can watch a performance of “Traveler on the Supernatural Highway here.

Here’s a performance of “Revolution Road” at the 3 Rivers Prog Fest in 2008…..