Monthly Archive: May 2014

The Old Runner Gets Going Again… with Music from Ontofield …Sleeping with Fractals!

So Tuesday was fairly hot here in New Jersey and then yesterday it cooled off a little, and the fair weather runner inside me said yes today is the day!!Checking Runmeter on the iPhone I see that with half the month gone this is my first run in May, My last run was April 28th, that sucks, I should be ashamed of myself! Anyway I did feel pretty good yesterday so I did some light yoga stretching and took off. I felt good through the first two miles and averaged 10:06 per mile, then I slowed down over the 3rd mile to 10:38 pace and held on over the last mile 11:11 pace! Overall, the pace was right at 10:30 which again for almost 63 years old ain’t too bad. The main problem getting two or three days a week in is that I work Friday and Saturday so I don’t really want to run on those days and then on Sunday I’m tired from the two previous nights and we’ve been going to Paulsboro to see Oliver, Andrew and Meaghan so I put off running and convince myself I’ll go Monday and then I put that off and end up with one day a week. I really need to look at and figure out a schedule so I can get three runs in a week!!

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Psychedelic/Space Rock from Canada’s Greylevel – Hypostatic Union

Again this weekend Thursday through Sunday was a blur….Thursday I worked both jobs from 8:30 am to 11:30 PM, then got back up to be on a site 30 minutes from my home at 8 am! I worked until 12:00 then ran around getting ready for a wedding, drove to Avalon NJ a one hour forty minute drive, went to a wedding on the beach, attended the reception and drove him arriving back home at 11 PM. Saturday was a few errands and then work again from 5:30 to 11:30! Sunday Mother’s Day found us at my son Andrew’s home at 10:30 am for brunch and then in the afternoon we babysat our grandson until around 6:00 or so… it was great but by the time we got home this 62 year-old’s butt was dragging…. I’ve listened to some music over this time span, but can’t get my brain in gear to write about it!! Anyway, while I was looking for some music the other day I saw on the related artist list Greylevel and it reminded me that I had listened to them and liked them so here’s my post about them…. and you even get some running info something which you haven’t been getting, because I have avoided running… but have to start again soon!!

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Symphonic Prog from the USA’s Rocket Scientists – Supernatural Highways! (Video)

Superntural HighwaysMany moons ago, when my on Andrew still was working part-time at Target, I have a vague recollection of him telling me about a band he had listened to and enjoyed – Rocket Scientists. I think that I gave the band a quick listen and really didn’t care for them. A week or so ago, the band released a new EP titled Supernatural Highways, so I went to Spotify to check it out. There are two tracks on this 30 minute EP- track one “Traveler on the Supernatural Highway” hogs 26 minutes of them, leaving 4 minutes plus for “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”! Anyway both are instrumentals and both are really good!!

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