The Safari goes “Down Under” and finds Hibernal’s Progressive Rock “Audio Movie” Replacements

The other day I was reviewing the latest albums on Progstreaming and the sci-fi looking album art for Replacements from Hibernal caught my eye….


So I made it available offline at Spotify, put it on the iPhone and it became the soundtrack for some work around the house. The album was to say the least very different. it surprised me, when I first heard the narration about “The synths”,. I figured it was just a part of the opening of the album, but then on the second track “The City Ebbs Away”, came the voice of Artemis and  I soon realized that the album was more than a just the atmospheric music, but was a well written audio movie. I became more and more intrigued as the story progressed, and was looking forward to a satisfying conclusion, which I guess I kinda’ got. So who has listened to the album and did you enjoy it??? Reading reviews of Hibernal’s music at Prog Archives most were positive, but the few that were negative really hated the albums. I don’;t know how many times you would want to listen to the whole album though,But I did see that there is an instrumental version of the album which I guess can be listened to over and over! Anyway let me tell those who are unfamiliar with Hibernal a bit about their music!!

Hibernal is the Post Rock/Math rock progressive rock project  of Brisbane, Australia native Mark Healy. Hibernal as I’ve already written mixes spoken word with instrumental music to present a story that develops track by track throughout the album! Mark Healy provides the following in his biography at ProgArchives…..

Musically, there are a number of different styles on offer, ranging from atmospheric post rock, to moody acoustic guitar arrangements and hard rock riffs. Each of these elements are used to craft soundscapes that drive and complement the narrative. The use of sound effects and a professional voice cast add to the immersion. Like most concept albums, a HIBERNAL album should be experienced from start to finish for maximum effect

Hibernal’s first album titled The Machine is, according to ProgArchves….

an exploration of ambition, sadness and our choices in life told through crunching hard rock riffs and soaring guitar. The story revolves around a man climbing the corporate ladder inside a powerful company, who finds that with each promotion he must sacrifice a part of himself Hibernal Page at ProgArchives

I have put The Machiine on the Iphone but I haven’t had the time to listen to it completely yet, but I am looking forward to giving it a listen!!

So if you have about an hour check out Replacements! I found it enjoyable and I’d be interested in how anyone who has experienced it felt??

Links and Sources
Hibernal Website at BandCamp

Here’s Replacements – Part 1…..(P.S. as I listen to the album again, I am still enjoying, a. the story and b. the variety of the music I hear, more second tine around!)

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  1. Mark

    Hey there, thanks for having a listen to ‘Replacements’ and for taking the time to write about it. Glad you got some enjoyment out of it! I realise you already have The Machine as well, but I thought I’d give you a heads up that The Machine is now available as a free download over at Hope you enjoy that one as well when you get the chance to hear it.

    Mark from HIbernal

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