Today’s Your Birthday – Happy Birthday to You – Oliver Edward Karn!!

Sleeping OliverOk so today is PI Day at 4:52 AM Oliver EDWARD  Karn, son of Andrew Karn and Meaghan Reess Karn was born!! After being called to the hospital at around 10 PM on the 13th when the birth seemed imminent Oliver had other ideas and thought that it would be a good idea if Grammie and Grandpa, Aunt Elizabeth and Lauren got a chance to enjoy the ambiance of the ER at Inspira Medical Center (formerly Underwood Hospital) in Woodbury, NJ. Now while we did enjoy the show that included two very strange gender confusing people. One of which uttered the phrase “I feel like killing someone”” just moments before coming over and standing near us! He/She also had spent the prior one and a half hours in the women’s restroom doing who knows what? Well, maybe the security and staff personnel,  who kept going back and forth wearing gloves and carrying bags did, but I didn’t,  While the wandering black he/she who was evidently being allowed to wait for a bus in the ER grabbed a wheelchair and blanket shrouded herself and went to sleep. The guard woke her at 5 telling her the buses would be running again and she’d have to leave!!

So while we were snoozing on and off Meahgan was hard at work trying to convince Oliver to join the world! Finally at 4:52 he decided it was time and came out weighing in at 7 lbs 2 oz. and measuring 20.5 inches! About an hour later, we were allowed to go in to see him and mom and dad! We were there for about fifteen to twenty minutes when a nurse came and took him away. Because Meaghan has diabetes they were monitoring his blood sugar and he is in Intermediate Nursery Care, he was taken because it was time to test him! Neither he nor Meaghan were amused by the action. Anyway at that point we returned to Andrew’s house in Paulsboro and crashed for several hours! This afternoon we returned to the hospital and had a chance to spend some time with him and each of us got a chance to hold and admire the little fellow!!

Here are some pictures!


The Proud Father and Oliver



Grammie, Andrew and Oliver!


Smiliey Oliver

Oliver says :”Hello World”

And Hello to You, Oliver!!

and here’s a song from Tom Chapin for your birthday!!