New Prog from French Avantgarde Metallers – Ethersens – Your Wandering Ghost

ETHERSENS is a Experimental/Post Metal or as they describe themselves on their website “French Avantgarde metallers” from Midi-Pyrénées, France. The core of what was to become Ethersens came together around 2001 when guitarists Johan Bourrut and Mickael André decided to form a band.The idea of a band, moved a step closer to being a reality when drummer Stephane Nestiri joined them in 2002. After several members moved in and out of the band, in 2003, the line-up stabilized when Fred (bass) and Stephan (vocals) joined the band. Because all the members of the band had experience with other bands they proceeded straight to album making (didn’t pass go, didn’t collect 200 dollars) Their debut album Ordinary Days was recorded between 2005 and 2006 but wasn’t released on Scarlet Records until 2008. The album was well received and the band set out on a five-year quest to record their sophomore album,

During the quest to create the  album  Your Wandering Ghost. The band changed lead vocalists with Laurent Mora assuming those duties and Remy Boyer became the new bass player. According to the band’s website, Your Wandering Ghost is a concept album composed of eight new songs that the band describes.

… as raw, dynamic and full of tension. “This album is in many ways darker than ‘Ordinary Days’, it’s really based on tension and everything we went through while making it. It was a long journey to make the band survive, so we can say that a new era has started for us” says the band’s guitarist and founder Mickael André. And he adds: “It’s a concept album about a relationship between two people which takes a tragic turn. It’s very personal to our new singer Laurent Mora”.

From a great review at The Ringmaster Review

Your Wandering Ghost is a concept album looking at ‘a relationship  between two people which takes a tragic turn, a story about a lost love which tends to be re-born into death, regrets and sorrow.’ It is a release which at times is as intrusive as it is seductive and persistently is an intensive incitement for senses and emotions

The Ringmaster also writes that the album “demands a focused attention to reap all of its depths and textures” which may be why I wasn’t enthralled with the album, after the first few songs, but liked it more and more as the album went on. But then again, it may just be that the music of the band is recommended by ProgArchives for fans of bands like “OPETH, NEVERMORE, PAIN OF SALVATION, DARK TRANQUILITY, and KATATONIA”, which are not really my type of bands. Now my son Peter, he may just think these guys are great!! Never did understand that boy! (Just kidding)

But I’ll let you the reader decide here’s a live performance of “Walking Disorder from the album.

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