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Kathy’s Korner – More Magical Photos from My Wife’s Camera!!

If you watch my wife take pictures, many times she’s bent over, with the camera focused on something small. She can really capture the details of life, like these three shots of a spider and its victim!

Then of course there’s the ubiquitous squirrels in the neighborhood – What me? I have no acorn!

Finally, there are times that she’ll just take a picture that is magical, like this one of Delaware River at Amico Island!

Magical did I say Magical, hum maybe it’s a Magical Connection that my wife and I have!!

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Kathy’s Korner – Photos from My Wife’s Project 365 File Folder!!

So for the last four years or so my wife has participated in Project 365 on Facebook. She would post of picture a day for a year. She took some great pictures. Here are a few from the beginning of last year. The first two are from those snowy days last February, which were nowhere near as cold as the days this year! This year you couldn’t even go out and take pictures!!


A picture from last winter

The red is a birdfeeder refect in the ice!

The red is a bird feeder reflected in the ice!

Our car should have a bumper sticker that says: “Caution, My Wife makes me stop from cemeteries!”

Here’s a picture of one of her favorite grave site’s monument at Beverly Monument Cemetery.This was from the day last March when we were attending the funeral of her father’s sister Anita. The snow was gone by the afternoon that day!

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A Tough Several Days with our cat James that end with a tough but right decision

James in Box

James Loved Boxes!

So i don’t know what the right music is for when you know you have to put a cat to sleep. We have now five cats. Two years ago we had to put our 19-year-old cat Simon to sleep and it was hard. I was doing really well not feeling to badly about the situation with our 10 year-old cat James this week, until this morning, when I faced the prospect of having to call the Vet and make the appointment!

. On Monday of this week,  my wife saw James try to jump onto a fairly low chair, he didn’t make it and then he tried a table that was slightly higher and he didn’t make that either. The next morning, I was watching as he was laying on the bed and he tried to change positions and he couldn’t, he kept falling over, finally he made it. To me, it seemed that maybe he had hurt one of his back legs in one of those falls. Anyway, we called the Vet and went in for a visit.

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Symphonic Prog Explorations – David Minasian – Random Acts of Beauty!

So yesterday as I was scrolling through my iPod I came across this album, I haven’t listened to it for a long time! If you like The Moody Blues this one’s for you!….

Random Acts CoverSo one of the things I like about Progressive Rock is the that there are so many sub-genres there’s virtually something for everyone! Today on the way back from the Garden State Parkway I listened to two very different albums. First there was the hammering metal sound of the album The Enemy Within from Prymary followed by the musically lush Random Acts of Beauty from David Miniasian. While I enjoyed both albums I like the Minasian album a little better!

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Neo-Prog from Germany’s RPWL (not!) but here’s a side project – Blind Ego – Numb!!

So for the last few days I’ve been listening to the latest release Wanted, from the German Neo-Prog group RPWL. When I went to start to write about the band, I saw that band member Kalle Wallner (guitar) has a side project named Blind Ego -That sent me back to my archves where I found this post I wrote back in March of last year! So since I wasted the afternoon and can not complete a post about RPWL before I go to work tonight at Target, here is that post!1 I’ll write about Wanted soon!!

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Archives” Life’s Soundtrack: New Progressive Rock from Houston – Six Minute Century’s Wasting Time!

Wasting TimeSo the soundtrack for a variety of activities around the house today was a prog/power metal band from Houston,Texas Six Minute Century . The band has been around since 2004 playing mostly locally in Houston. After signing with Nightmare Records in 2008, Six Minute Century released their début album “Time Capsules”. After that release and the positive reviews it received, the band has played many cities in the United States, and been invited to perform  at a variety of festivals including:  Rocklahoma, Rock The Bayou,festival, Nightmare Metal Fest I and II, and ProgPower XI.My soundtrack today was their second release Wasting Time also on Nightmare Record. The album is hot off the presses! The official release was yesterday! It really only took the first couple of songs to decide that this was a band that I was going to like. well actually it was the use of radio reports about the havoc of the Galveston flood that acted as the intro to the song “City of Hope” that did the trick.  It seemed that through the entire album the opening to each song was varied and interesting.!

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Archives:Life’s Soundtracks:The run was a struggle but the music from Day Six was great!

Originally Posted: March 24, 2013 at Me, Myself, Music and Mysteries – Please Note my running and music listening are linked so sometimes you have to put up with the running info to get to the music, or then again you can just scroll past it!!

Day sixSo some days you really look forward to your run, you start, you feel good and the run goes very smoothly. Then there are other days, well, they don’t go as well. Saturdays area often a slow day for me. I work all day at Lippincott and then at Target not getting done until 11:15 plus! Yesterday the day went from 7:15 to 11:15, so overall today this 61 year-old body was moving kind of slow! So this afternoon when I just felt like taking a nap I did some kundalini yoga trying to wake me up, and it worked so I got motivated enough to run, went out and discovered that it was a lot colder and windy than I thought it was, anyway, I put on another layer of clothes and set out. I had created a new four mile course and the start looped around a little, so that, after just a little bit a left turn would have led me back home, which was where I really wanted to go or a right turn would set me on my way into the fourteen mile an hour wind and the first leg of my four mile run. Now the only thing good about heading into the wind on the first two miles of a run is that the wind is at your back on the way back!! That’s what happened and really the only reason that I was able to finish the run! The other thing that got me through the run was the music, as always! The music was from a prog rock band Day Six and their album The Grand Design. So with the wind at my back for half of the run, I made it through with an overall pace of about 10:05 per mile, so overall it was not a bad run!

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Progressive Metal from NYC’s – Infinite Spectrum – Misguided

Infinite Spectrum

Infinite Spectrum is a progressive metal band from New York City formed by two college students bass payer Alex Repetti and guitarist Alex Raybin soon after they met they began collaborating on musical tracks that laid the foundation for their debut album. After the instrumental tracks had been composed and recorded singer and composer Will Severin joined the party and wrote and recorded the vocals for their debut album Misguided. Everything was assembled and mixed by Grammy Award winning engineer, Chris Theis and the album was released in 2012! According to ProgArchves:

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Today’s Your Birthday – Happy Birthday to You – Oliver Edward Karn!!

Sleeping OliverOk so today is PI Day at 4:52 AM Oliver EDWARD  Karn, son of Andrew Karn and Meaghan Reess Karn was born!! After being called to the hospital at around 10 PM on the 13th when the birth seemed imminent Oliver had other ideas and thought that it would be a good idea if Grammie and Grandpa, Aunt Elizabeth and Lauren got a chance to enjoy the ambiance of the ER at Inspira Medical Center (formerly Underwood Hospital) in Woodbury, NJ. Now while we did enjoy the show that included two very strange gender confusing people. One of which uttered the phrase “I feel like killing someone”” just moments before coming over and standing near us! He/She also had spent the prior one and a half hours in the women’s restroom doing who knows what? Well, maybe the security and staff personnel,  who kept going back and forth wearing gloves and carrying bags did, but I didn’t,  While the wandering black he/she who was evidently being allowed to wait for a bus in the ER grabbed a wheelchair and blanket shrouded herself and went to sleep. The guard woke her at 5 telling her the buses would be running again and she’d have to leave!!

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New Prog from French Avantgarde Metallers – Ethersens – Your Wandering Ghost

ETHERSENS is a Experimental/Post Metal or as they describe themselves on their website “French Avantgarde metallers” from Midi-Pyrénées, France. The core of what was to become Ethersens came together around 2001 when guitarists Johan Bourrut and Mickael André decided to form a band.The idea of a band, moved a step closer to being a reality when drummer Stephane Nestiri joined them in 2002. After several members moved in and out of the band, in 2003, the line-up stabilized when Fred (bass) and Stephan (vocals) joined the band. Because all the members of the band had experience with other bands they proceeded straight to album making (didn’t pass go, didn’t collect 200 dollars) Their debut album Ordinary Days was recorded between 2005 and 2006 but wasn’t released on Scarlet Records until 2008. The album was well received and the band set out on a five-year quest to record their sophomore album,

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