The Safari Encounters Mad Fellaz, an Italian Progressive Instrumental Band!!

Mad Fellaz is a five man is an instrumental progressive rock band from Bassano Del Grappa, Italy. The now five-man band started out in 2010 as an experimental unnamed trio consisting off:Emanuele and Paul Bason Busatto on electric guitars and Mark on drums. As the band developed, bassist Carlo Passuello, keyboardist Henry Brunelli and Rudy Zilio on flute and synthesizer were added to the band.The current line-up of the band is:

Mark Busatto: Drums
Paul Busatto: Electric Guitar
Carlo Passuello: Electric Bass
Henry Brunelli: Keyboards
Rudy Zilio: Synth – flute


Mad Fellaz’s  music is influenced by both older bands like:  King Crimson, Gentle Giant, Pink Floyd, Area, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso and by newer bands like Opeth, Porcupine Tree.

The band has chosen to experiment with other genres and incorporate flamenco,blues and hard rock into their songs,with the intent to be married to a particular genre, but to blend different genres together to create a new and exciting music!

Mad Fellaz’ self-titled debut album contains on five tracks, that lasts an hour.The first two tracks on the album are Suites titled “The Culprit 1 and 2″ and are 16 and 18 minutes in length respectively! Both are both complex, pieces with a lot of changes in mood and rhythm. The three shorter tracks are:”Banda Scavejoni” a much more up-tempo track than the first two suites, “White Widow” sees the band move towards more of a blues style and “Jungle” a song that they first recorded in 2012 closes the album.

Overall the album was a pleasant change of pace from some of the heavier prog that I’ve listened to lately. I could see the album being great for background music at work or while reading or fo just sitting and drifting with the music!! So Check Them Out!!

Here’s the track :”Banda Scavejoni”. I love the flute on this track!