Archives: An Afternoon of Prog Rock with the United Kingdom’s Aqauaplanage!



Ok so this post was written last March, one of the problems with listening and exploring so much new music, is that you forget about the ones you listened to and like, like Aquaplanage!! So here’s that March post!

This afternoon I went to Mog to listen to Echoes of Indiana Avenue by Wes Montgomery only to find that they didn’t have the album. So I listened to another album for a bit and then I looked at albums “just for me”, which now is a collection of all types of genres, who would think that my music listening is all over the musical spectrum? Anyway one album that caught my eye was a self-titled album from 2008 from a band called Aquaplanage. Now Mog says they picked it because I listened to Seven Steps to the Green Door and Nine Stones Close, which means that it’s Prog Rock. So I put it on and loved it! I went to to check out what they thought and the overall rating was 3.39 out of 5 with several reviews at 4 out of 5.

From ProgArchives:

Aquaplanage group picture

AQUAPLANAGE are the creative offspring of Fragile the internationally applauded Yes tribute act who have toured extensively with Steve Howe of Yes, and been endorsed by Rick Wakeman through regular airplay on Planet Rock. The origins of the project can be traced back to a road trip to Belgium some years ago. The repetition of passing kilometres was eased only by an intriguing sign that, although clearly intended as a warning, sparked a humour and warmth that reflected the spirit of the time. It was totemic and everything was possible.


AQUAPLANAGE are Robert Illesh (guitars, vocals, keyboards, orchestral arrangements, flute, programming); Steve Carney (lead vocals); Jon Bastable (bass guitar, samples) and Tom Dawe (guitar). Also featuring: Max Hunt (keyboards), Mitch Harwood (drums, vocals), Deborah Peake (violin), Ruth McGibben (viola) and Sophie Hurr (cello).

Material on the 2008 Aquaplanage album has been written over a number of years and features contributions from members of Fragile past and present. Aquaplanage has been a labour of love. Slowly emerging from conception to realisation, organically finding its true purpose and direction. It is the coming together of disparate ideas that found a common identity. Carefully nurtured towards its final shape and form, Aquaplanage is now ready to take its place in the musical firmament. It is true to the original script of progressive rock and the influences are there to be heard.

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Anyway the music is great as are the vocals….the sub-genre is Symphonic Prog…. after the album was over, some other tracks from similar artists came on and I liked them, too, so I guess I like that sub-genre! So let’s go “Into the Night” with “The Sands of Time” from Aquaplanage!