The Safari revisits Finland and Explores the Music of Cardiant – Verge

Today the Safari returned to Finland and explored the music of Cardiant a power metal band that was formed in the city Hämeenlinna by Antti Hänninen and Dave Alberti in 2000. Today I listened to Verge the third album from the band. The line-up of the band has changed drastically from the first album when the band didn’t have a lead singer and was forced to use a session singer. This resulted in the album Midday Moon only being released on Japan!

Current band members bassist Mikko Mänttäri, keyboadist Marko Lindroos, and vocalist Erik Karhatsu joined Antti in a revamped by in 2008. Prior to being chosen as the bands lead vocalist, Karhatsu had appeared on Finnish Idol!

In 2009 the band recorded their second album,, the self-financed Tomorrow’s Daylight. Again the album was only released in Japan and was also available on their online store and at their shows. In 2010 the band was selected to the semi-finals of Finnish national selection for Eurovision 2011 as one of three entries voted from a group of 277 participants with the song Rapture in Time. In January 2011, Cardiant qualified for the Eurovision Finnish national finals.

Verge, the bands third album was released in May of 2013. The material on the album is a bit more progressive and versatile than the other two albums. However, the band still believes in strong chorus and catchy melodies. Janne Saksa produced the album and this was the first time the band didn’t produce the album themselves!Additionally, to get a true sound the band recorded the grand piano tracks at Vanaja Hall in Hämeenlinna. additionally, Outi Jokinen joined the band in 2012 as a backing vocalist.She also takes the lead in spots on Verge.


I enjoyed the album but it pretty much sounded like every other power metal album. It had its moments, but nothing that was really earth shattering.


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So let’s go “into the morning”, at least here on the east coast of the US, with the Official Video for “Heaven’s Calling” from Cardiant’s latest album Verge!