The Safari finds more Finnish Progressive Metal – Anthriel – The Pathway!!

The other day I was surfing MOG looking artists who are like ones that I like and I came across Anthriel and their 2010 release The Pathway. I gave it a 30 second test and I liked what I heard so it went on the iPhone. This morning it was part of the soundtrack playing while I did some work around the house.  What a fine progressive metal album this is, with a little bit of everything – there’s some hard-driving guitar work from Timo Niemsto, drumming from Jari Kuokkanen. which often flows into some melodic keyboard work from Antti Hakulinen.These guys are the trio that founded the band in 2004. In 2008 lead singer Simo Silvan joined the band and last but not least there’s the bass player Klaus Wirzenius 

They are a Finnnish Progressive Metal band whose music can be described as sort of neo classical with metal and progressive influences. Timo appears to be the leader of the band, at least he is the one who usually has the basic ideas and song structures, which are then fleshed out with help from the rest of the band who contribute their own ideas, arrangements and opinions.



“…the songs’ atmospheres are taken all the way from catchy 80’s metal through progressive structures, even into classical territories, so there’s a lot to digest with the material produced by the band. Even though the band members are all very experienced and the songs are full of solo parts, at no point does the material escape into deliberate self-satisfying talent show-case. Everyone pulls together on the songs.” – Imperiumi

What I found interesting is that the band’s album was released by Lion Music and in the short time that I have explored this genre of music, they are a label that I have come across before. Included among the artists on their label are several bands that I have enjoyed including: Day Six, Sun-Caged, Lars Eric Mattson and Marcus Jidell. So I think when I am going exploring next time i need to check out the stable of artists at Lion Music.

At Prog Archives the album has a 3.89 (out of 5) rating. With 47% of the ratings labeling the album as an excellent addition to any prog rock collection!! So Check it Out!!

And since that’s what’s playing on the iPhone right now. here’s “Haven of Grace” from The Pathway