The Safari goes “into the morning” with some ROCK PROGRESSIVO ITALIANO From Austria’s Three Monks!

So back in October I was searching for the new release from The Three Monks – The Legend of the Holy Circle. I was unsuccessful in my search so I listened instead to their 2010 release Neogothic Progressive Toccatas, which I found different in a good way. They are to say the least unique. Their music falls into the sub-genre of ROCK PROGRESSIVO ITALIANO or RPI according to ProgArchives. They are a pipe-organ based band from Arezzo composed of organist composer Paolo Lazzeri, bassist/engineer Maurizio Bozzi, and drummers Roberto Bichi and Claudio Cuseri. Lazzeri began his musical journey as a prog-rock organist, then left that scene and began to study romantic classical music, both symphonic and for solo organ. So now Lazerri had two main influences the music og composer Julius Reubke and the prog rock of King Crimson and Van der Graff Generator!

Together Lazzeri and Bozzi decided to form a trio whose music would hopefully combine their two loves Neo-Gothic German Romanticism classical music of the 19th century (hey who isn’t a fan of that music, sarcasm intended) and prog rock. They added drummers Bichi and Cuseri to the band forming the Three Monks,The aforementioned Neogothic Progressive Toccatas released in 2010 was their debut album!

My first listen to the album was the other night on my way to the library. To tell you the truth the album seemed kind of boring. But this morning as I listened to it again as I worked around the house I found it more enjoyable. It just isn’t a road trip kinda album!! More a sit at home with the lights out drifting kinda album!!

Ok so I ran out of time this afternoon to write any more and I just got home from another night of work at Target and my mind is slowly slipping toward sleep, so let’s end by saying – Check them out and then go “into the morning” with “Profondo gotico” from the band……