Monthly Archive: February 2014

The Safari Encounters Mad Fellaz, an Italian Progressive Instrumental Band!!

Mad Fellaz is a five man is an instrumental progressive rock band from Bassano Del Grappa, Italy. The now five-man band started out in 2010 as an experimental unnamed trio consisting off:Emanuele and Paul Bason Busatto on electric guitars and Mark on drums. As the band developed, bassist Carlo Passuello, keyboardist Henry Brunelli and Rudy Zilio on flute and synthesizer were added to the band.The current line-up of the band is:

Mark Busatto: Drums
Paul Busatto: Electric Guitar
Carlo Passuello: Electric Bass
Henry Brunelli: Keyboards
Rudy Zilio: Synth – flute

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Archives: An Afternoon of Prog Rock with the United Kingdom’s Aqauaplanage!


Ok so this post was written last March, one of the problems with listening and exploring so much new music, is that you forget about the ones you listened to and like, like Aquaplanage!! So here’s that March post!

This afternoon I went to Mog to listen to Echoes of Indiana Avenue by Wes Montgomery only to find that they didn’t have the album. So I listened to another album for a bit and then I looked at albums “just for me”, which now is a collection of all types of genres, who would think that my music listening is all over the musical spectrum? Anyway one album that caught my eye was a self-titled album from 2008 from a band called Aquaplanage. Now Mog says they picked it because I listened to Seven Steps to the Green Door and Nine Stones Close, which means that it’s Prog Rock. So I put it on and loved it! I went to to check out what they thought and the overall rating was 3.39 out of 5 with several reviews at 4 out of 5.

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The Safari Explores the Music of Germany’s Frequency Drift – Over!

Over the last few days I’ve been exploring the music of the German Grossover Prog Band Frequency Drift; I stated with their current release Over. On my first few listens I wasn’t to sure about the vocals. The female lead singer’s voice was just a little too high and operatic sounding than I  like. What I was sure of was the music,I know I heard some instruments that you don’t normally hear like violin and flutes.Here’ what I read about the band at their website:

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The Safari revisits Finland and Explores the Music of Cardiant – Verge

Today the Safari returned to Finland and explored the music of Cardiant a power metal band that was formed in the city Hämeenlinna by Antti Hänninen and Dave Alberti in 2000. Today I listened to Verge the third album from the band. The line-up of the band has changed drastically from the first album when the band didn’t have a lead singer and was forced to use a session singer. This resulted in the album Midday Moon only being released on Japan!

Current band members bassist Mikko Mänttäri, keyboadist Marko Lindroos, and vocalist Erik Karhatsu joined Antti in a revamped by in 2008. Prior to being chosen as the bands lead vocalist, Karhatsu had appeared on Finnish Idol!

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The Safari explores the Progressive Metal of America’s – Thought Chamber – Psykerion!

As I listened to Psykerion the second album from Thought Chamber, I came to the realization that maybe the best way to listen to Thought Chamber is with headphones on, because with headphones on you can catch all of the intricacies of their music!. I am listening to the track “Transcend” and the music is coming at me from each side,guitars in the left ear, drums in the center, it’s great!

Thought Chamber is a progressive metal group from the US founded by guitarist Michael Harris. I discovered the band last year prior to the release of Psykerion, so I listened to their first release Angular Perceptions, which was released in 2007. At that time, the band consisted of Harris on guitars, keyboards and vocals, Ted Leonard (Enchant and as my son Nick pointed out to me, the new lead singer of Spock’s Beard). Rob Stankiewicz – drums, Bobby Williamson – keyboards, and Derek Blakley – bass. Harris said this about his initial vision for Thought Chamber….

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XNA – When We Changed You – Symphonic Prog from the USA!!

XNA is a Symphonic prog/Progressive Rock band from the United States. For the last few days their debut album When We Changed You has been in my listening rotation. As I listened to the album, it was obvious that these guys were heavily influenced by Genesis and other early prog bands. On several tracks images of Jethro Tull popped into my head! My wife listened to a short portions of the album, didn’t really like the lyrics and thought that the singer was a little too theatrical. But how can music that is influenced by Genesis not be theatrical!

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The Safari finds more Finnish Progressive Metal – Anthriel – The Pathway!!

The other day I was surfing MOG looking artists who are like ones that I like and I came across Anthriel and their 2010 release The Pathway. I gave it a 30 second test and I liked what I heard so it went on the iPhone. This morning it was part of the soundtrack playing while I did some work around the house.  What a fine progressive metal album this is, with a little bit of everything – there’s some hard-driving guitar work from Timo Niemsto, drumming from Jari Kuokkanen. which often flows into some melodic keyboard work from Antti Hakulinen.These guys are the trio that founded the band in 2004. In 2008 lead singer Simo Silvan joined the band and last but not least there’s the bass player Klaus Wirzenius 

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Crossover Prog from Poland’s Iluzjon – Silent Andromeda!

One of the albums that I’ve listened to over the last week is Silent Andromeda from the Polish crossover prog band Iluzjon (yes, in Polish Illusion is the translation) From Wikipedia:

Grupa czynnie działała w latach 2000-2010. Założona przez wokalistę, klawiszowca, aranżera, kompozytora i autora tekstów – Michała Dziadosza. Od 2006 jako kwartet. Iluzjon w swojej konwencji, w której punktem wyjścia jest art rock, nawiązywał do jazzu, ambientu, popu, hard rocka, rocka psychodelicznego i poezji śpiewanej. W muzyce zespołu usłyszeć można echa takich wykonawców, jak King Crimson, David Sylvian, Peter Gabriel, Marillion. Wiosną 2005 zespół zadebiutował na oficjalnym rynku swoim pierwszym CD zatytułowanym City Zen.

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The Safari goes “into the morning” with some ROCK PROGRESSIVO ITALIANO From Austria’s Three Monks!

So back in October I was searching for the new release from The Three Monks – The Legend of the Holy Circle. I was unsuccessful in my search so I listened instead to their 2010 release Neogothic Progressive Toccatas, which I found different in a good way. They are to say the least unique. Their music falls into the sub-genre of ROCK PROGRESSIVO ITALIANO or RPI according to ProgArchives. They are a pipe-organ based band from Arezzo composed of organist composer Paolo Lazzeri, bassist/engineer Maurizio Bozzi, and drummers Roberto Bichi and Claudio Cuseri. Lazzeri began his musical journey as a prog-rock organist, then left that scene and began to study romantic classical music, both symphonic and for solo organ. So now Lazerri had two main influences the music og composer Julius Reubke and the prog rock of King Crimson and Van der Graff Generator!

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