The Safari finally finds the Progressive Metal of Agora in Mexico!!

So this evening I was searching for some new prog rock, and I went to New Prog Rock Releases and saw that an Italian Jazz-Rock, fusion band named Agora released their new album Ichinen on Monday of this week. So I traveled over to MOG to see if I could find it I found Agora and there was no Ichinen album. I did see however a 2011 release Regresa Al Vértigo. So I continued to search for some information on the band while I was listening. I went to the Prog Archives where I read about Agora….



One of the few professional bands from the Marche, on the Adriatic side of central Italy, Agorà were formed in 1974 near Ancona, and played a jazz-rock very influenced by the likes of Weather Report or the italian group Perigeo, with a very limited use of progressive sounds<

As I looked down the information about the band I didn’t see a 2011 album titled Regresa Al Vertigo! Wait let’s read that description again….. like Weather Report….little use of progressive sounds…that’s not what I’m listening to. The band that I hear sounds pretty progressive and pretty metallic!

So it was off to Google, searching for Agora using the title of the album and sure enough another band named Agora popped up and this Agora band plays progressive metal and is from Mexico!! From Prog Archives:

The Mexican band AGORA was formed in 1996 and they want to take the flag of progressive rock. As you can imagine this current has been of a poor kind in the last years in Mexico. I know there where several prog bands, but the only one I really know and did see performing in Europe is the well-known band CAST. And of course ICONOCLASTA, the father of all prog bands in Mexico Read More

Agora was founded by guitarists Manuel Vázquez, Alejandro Romero and the drummer Eduardo Carrillo. They were soon joined by keyboard player Hector Barragán and bassist Pablo Lonngi. Since that time there have been several line-up changes the players on REGRESA AL VÉRTIGO


– David Villarreal / Bass
– Eduardo Carrillo / Drums
– Manuel Vazquez / Guitars
– Sergio Aguilar / Guitars / Vocals (backing)
– Hector Barragan / Keyboards / Vocals (backing)
– Eduardo Contreras / Vocals

These guys can really play and I didn’t even mind that the vocals were in Spanish. Again from Prog Archives:

These young guys have already good skills on their instruments and can play complex compositions. It’s a highly recommended for DT’s fans or any Metal fans!…. Mike Lasquetty, MEXICO : : :(DT= Dream Theater)

So check them out! Here’s the video for “En la Nada”