Life’s Intrusions… a flat tire and a trip to the Veterinarian for Liam!

So I had a couple of life’s unexpected intrusions into my music listening this week. The latest was this morning when the front end of my car started to shake and rumble horribly. I hadn’t gone far so I turned around, and almost made it back home. But I knew I had to stop and pulled to the curb a block from home and checked. The front  passenger tire had blown and was now off the rim. I checked in the trunk for the spare,. It was there, as was the jack. What was missing was the lug nut wrench. After a couple of calls I decided, the best option was to call AAA and have them change the tire. They did their usually good job and a service truck was there within the hour! Now I am sitting at STS waiting to get two tires. While the good thing is that I have two books that I am reading on the iPhone,(Theodore Roosevelt and the Assassin and The Mayor of MacDougal Street)  the bad news is that I forgot my headphones!

Earlier in the week, we had to take our favorite cat to the vet. While he didn’t look too bad. He hadn’t eaten either that morning or night prior.That morning he stuck his noise up at the food, he decided, he now didn’t like and in the evening he just didn’t bother to even come to eat! At bedtime, he was laying on the bed as usual, but my wife couldn’t get him to purr and she said his eyes didn’t look right!

The next morning, he ate a bit of food and my wife said to watch him. I did he did what he usually does sleep!! But he didn’t eat or drink anything. At lunchtime, she said we should call the vet just to be on the safe side  Additionally, she confessed that she and the cat didn’t get a lot of sleep because she kept waking up to check on him,.and spent that time leaning over him saying ‘”Please don’t die Liam,how  can I live without you”!

So off we went to the Vet. Of course after putting him in the carrier, his eyes looked normal, and he didn’t shut up until we were in the examination room! During  the initial exam by the technician, he seemed fine and even visited with the tech not on the exam table, but on the sink and cabinet counter! In all the times, we have taken cats to the Vets none have ever done anything like that!! Then the Vet came in, and he had his formal exam. The vet said that the only thing that she could come up with, was that he was a little dehydrated. I said that while we were waiting for her to come in, that was what I was thinking the problem was, basically because he had skipped those few meals. She ended up giving him some fluids and vitamins,and said that the fluids may just kick-start him eating again. As we were waiting to leave, once again Liam was up on the sink counter head-butting the Vet, as he had done with the techs earlier. Finally, he made himself at home….



Yes, Liam is King wherever he goes, and Edward plays second fiddle! Oh, by the way when he came home he immediately ate the food he likes!! And now the new tires are on the car and it’s back to listening to some music……