The Safari runs with Italian Progressive Rock from Laviantica’s – Clessidra


Ok so I admit that I am a fair weather runner. When it’s dark and cold out Edward is not in the mood for running! But today it was nice, a decent temperature, bright and sunny and so off I went! I won’t bore you with my times. etc. If you’d like to read about them though you can go to Me, Myself, Music and Mysteries in a bit and check that stuff out. But for here I’ll write about the soundtrack for the run, which was the Italian Progressive Rock band Laviantica. I have started to listen to their latest release Clessidra several times at Progstreaming, but I usually get interrupted, but tonight I was a captive audience for a little over 30 minutes! Once again the biographical information that I came up with is sparse.



The band is from Rome and is composed of:

Marco Palma – electric guitar,
Paul Perilli – bass and vocals,
Paul Musolino – keyboards, acoustic guitar and vocals;
Luciano Banners – piano and keyboards;
Schiappelli Andrea – drums


The band with various line up changes has been around since the early 90s. The earlier version of the band was called Alterego. They are similiar to bands like Marillion, Twelfth Night, Pendragon and Italians Ezra Winston and Leviathan.

The first thing that was different about the album was that they sing in Italian, and even though I had no clue what they were saying the vocals never bothered me, in fact I really liked them. The overall mood of the album was relaxed and that’s just what I needed today, whenever ,I was about to give up I just slowed down a bit and told myself to listen to the music, which sometimes was nice guitar or keyboards, never really overdone, just nice to drift to or in my case slowly jog!!

Here’s the Official Video for “Nel vento” from Clessidra….

So check them out at Facebook, (where you can download the album or right here….