The Music Safari meets the Dutch Crossover Prog band Tumbletown!

Over the last week or so I’ve listened to the debut album from a band named Tumbletown Done with Coldness  and enjoying it more with each listen. Of course this leads to the ubiquitous question: Who are these guys and where in the world  do they hail from?  The answer to  the who is Han Uil and Aldo Adema, two skilled producers, guitarists and composers and the where is the Netherlands. Uil and Adema both were members of the band Egdon Heath and its continuation Seven Day Hunt. Uil also played with the band Antares and has released some solo works. Seven Day Hunt released their debut album  File This Dream  in 2008. The album was produced and mixed by Adema and well received! Both Uil and Adema left Seven Day Hunt in 2009. Adema to concentrate on production work and Uil to work on his solo career. In 2010 Han released his solo album Dark in the Light. Adema worked with  Uil on the track “Memento” on the album and the two hit it off well, and the result was the birth of Tumbletown!

During the time that Tumbletown was working on  the tracks that would appear on Done with Coldness they also took a half-a-year break, so that Adema could produce Across the Rubicon the third album from  the Dutch neo-prog band SilhouetteAldo had already appeared with a guest performance on their second album Moods. (A quick listen as I was writing this post resulted in a need to explore Silhouette more fully) Han mastered Across the Rubicon which was released June 2012.

In the same month,  the first TumbleTown video was released  featuring the song ‘One Goal’.  a protest song against the Syrian regime and in support of the Syrian resistance. Then in December of 2012, the band’s second video ‘The end of Hyde’.was released. Finally,  in June of 2013 the band’s debut album was released. Helping out on the album were Erik Laan (Silhouette) on keyboards, Marcel Copini (Egdon Heath & Seven Day Hunt) on bass and Carola Magermans (Seven Day Hunt) delivered a vocal contribution. 

From their biography on Facebook:

Musically TUMBLETOWN is a brilliant mix of progressive and mainstream rock. They are influenced by a wide scale of artists like; BLACKFIELD, KARMAKANIC, THE BEATLES, SPOCK’S BEARD, Neil YOUNG, David BOWIE, Nick CAVE and PINK FLOYD.


The two  tracks mentioned previously are two of  my favorites! “The End of Hyde” sets the tone of the album as it’s the first track and every time “One Goal” comes on I stop and listen. The rest of the tracks are as good so check it out!!

Here’s the video for the song “One Goal” – you can watch the video for “The End of Hyde” here