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The Safari Rediscovers Serenity from Austria and visits Death & Legacy!!

Back in October I came across the band Serenity, I listened to and really like their current release War of Ages. Yesterday I thought about the band and went back in time and listened to their 2011 release Death & Legacy and  I liked that album just as much as War of Ages, maybe more!! As I am writing this I just put on their 2008 release Fallen Angel.…. sounds just as good. Hard driving metal, good vocals, good guitar, etc… Like I do always when I’m listening to a band like this, I went to Prog Archives to see what they say about the band and  the albums. What i found is that the band is not included in the archives because their music is not prog enough! I’ve heard several bands that are included in the Archives and these guys don’t sound any different to this newbies ears!! Anyway here’s what I had written before about the band…..First from Wikipedia some background about Serenity:

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The Safari finds Progressive Metal? in France from Spheric Universe Experience – Mental Torments!

One of the albums that has been on the iPhone for a while now is Spheric Universe Experience‘s 2005 debut album Mental Torments. I had started my explorations of the band’s music with their 2012 release New Ere  and after the fist listen I wasn’t quite sold on the band. So I went back and listened to Mental Torments, which was their highest rated album at the  Prog Archives. I liked that album a lot more. Now I need to explore the two albums released in between number one and number four to know if I’m completely sold on the band!

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The Safari Re-Explores Re-explores Progressive Metal from the UK’s Maschine – Rubidium!

Tonight, I re-explored the album Rubidium from Maschine. I say re-explored because I had listened to the album for the first time several months ago and really enjoyed it. The band hails from the United Kingdom and is labeled at Prog Archives as progressive metal. Personally, I don’t think that they are as heavy as many of the progressive metal bands I’ve listened to. The band’s name seems to have been derived from the founder of the band vocalist and guitarist Luke Machin. Machin who had played with both Tangent and It Bits formed the band in  at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music in 2008. The line-up for the band includes: Elliot Fuller on guitar, Dan Mash on bass, James Stewart on drums and Georgia Lewis on keyboards.

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Archives:A Good Music Day ends in Knight Area from the Netherlands!


Originally posted: May 23, 2o13 at Me, Myself,Music and Mysteries

Friday night on my way to work at Target, I had the iPod  on random shuffle and Knght Area came on today would be a good morning to re-explore the day I first listen to their music!!

Yesterday was a Blues and Prog Rock day I. started the day listening to the new album Seesaw from Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa. This was my first listen to the album and. I liked what I heard!  Beth Hart’s strong blues voice and Joe’s powerful guitar are a perfect match! This album will get played a lot over the next  week!

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Neo Prog from the Kingdom of Bahrain – Osiris – Tales of the Divers!!!

Ok so I can’t remember how I came across this band,but somehow I was surfing around looking for Osiris. I think it was from Progstreaming or maybe Just for You on MOG. Anyway the first thing that I found were two albums The Remnants of Life and Lost by a band that I thought was Osiris. I started to listen it was some good Prog Space Rock. When I went to Prog Archives and this is what I got when I typed in Osiris……

OSIRIS from Bahrain, a Symphonic/Neo Prog group formed back in 1979. the original lineup information is very limited, so we will have to base our bio in the first 1981 official lineup formed by Mohamed Al-Sadeqi (guitar, vocals), Mohamed Abdul Razak-Aryan (keyboards, vocals), Nabil Alsadeqi (drums), Sabah Alsadeqi (lead vocals) Abdul Razzak Arian (organ and other keyboards), Nader Sharif (piano and other keyboards) and Ali Knonji in the bass

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The Safari finally finds the Progressive Metal of Agora in Mexico!!

So this evening I was searching for some new prog rock, and I went to New Prog Rock Releases and saw that an Italian Jazz-Rock, fusion band named Agora released their new album Ichinen on Monday of this week. So I traveled over to MOG to see if I could find it I found Agora and there was no Ichinen album. I did see however a 2011 release Regresa Al Vértigo. So I continued to search for some information on the band while I was listening. I went to the Prog Archives where I read about Agora….

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The Safari’s Eclectic Music Day – A Little Folk, New Age and Prog from three great guitarists!

More New EverythinhCrossposted from Me.Myself, Music and Mysteries

So today was an eclectic music day. I had to return to Lambertville today, so I loaded music on the iPhone from two different genres. First some folk music from a longtime favorite, Brooks Williams,  his latest release, More New Everything which is an EP. Then some New Age from guitarist Alex DeGrassi. I listened to those two albums on the way to the site. Then on the  way back, I listened to music from a third genre Prog Rock from the album Ravens and Lullabies from Gordon Giltrap and Oliver Wakeman. As I was listening on the way back, I thought about what tied all three of these albums from different genres together. The answer was that three of the four artist are exceptionally fine acoustic guitar players!!

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Life’s Intrusions… a flat tire and a trip to the Veterinarian for Liam!

So I had a couple of life’s unexpected intrusions into my music listening this week. The latest was this morning when the front end of my car started to shake and rumble horribly. I hadn’t gone far so I turned around, and almost made it back home. But I knew I had to stop and pulled to the curb a block from home and checked. The front  passenger tire had blown and was now off the rim. I checked in the trunk for the spare,. It was there, as was the jack. What was missing was the lug nut wrench. After a couple of calls I decided, the best option was to call AAA and have them change the tire. They did their usually good job and a service truck was there within the hour! Now I am sitting at STS waiting to get two tires. While the good thing is that I have two books that I am reading on the iPhone,(Theodore Roosevelt and the Assassin and The Mayor of MacDougal Street)  the bad news is that I forgot my headphones!

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Archives:The Music Safari explores the Tunisian Prog Rock of Myrath!

Originally posted at Me, Myself,Music and Mysteries -May 2013

In Tunisia, Myrath (means Legacy or Legend), in the progressive rock world it means great prog-rock with a Tunisian flavor! Myrath was founded in 2001, by a then 13-year-old guitarist Malek Ben Arbia. The band changed musicians over the next several years and played mostly cover songs and gravitated towards progressive rock. In 2005 MYRATH released their first self-produced album  Double Face.

In 2005 Malek Ben Arbia the band’s founder and guitarist traveled to Nancy – France and enrolled in the famous Guitar school, Music Academy International (M.A.I.) After graduating, Ben Arbia returned to Tunisia intending to pursue an international music career with MYRATH. At that time,experienced bass player Anis Jouini joined the band and the band had a line up that consisted of four skilled musicians! MYRATH spent the next three months or so writing new songs for the second album.

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Progressive Metal from Philly’s Tungsten – The Reservoir

The Safari did not really travel far today folks, just across the Delaware River to the Port Richmond area of Philadelphia, the city that the new progressive metal band Tungsten calls home! Their debut album The Reservoir was released today, Jan 14th. Tungsten is a progressive metal band whose signature sound according to their biography at their website is.

 ….dark, innovative, and creative, but still bursting at the seams with classic metal attitude that makes you want to pump your fist in the air. Drawing on influences both timeless (Iron Maiden, Rush, Pink Floyd) and modern (Opeth, Mastodon), 

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