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The Safari meets Neo Proggers from Germany – Osta LCVE – Good Morning Dystopia!

 Yesterday, the Safari listened to the prog rock band Osta LCVE’s latest release Good Morning Dystopia. Biographical data on the band is limited but from what I can piece together the two main members of the band are  first, Tobias Geberth, who is the vocalist, guitarist, bassist, and keyboardist. Tobias appears to be the ” leader of the band”!  The second member of the band is Leon Ackermann who plays  drums and other percussion instruments.  Other players include: Florian Hauss   Piano  on “Red Sky”, Gregor Nicolai – Bass on “Fragile Freedom” and Sarah Gretsch – Vocals on “Alaska”. The group is from Germany and their music is listed as Art Rock and Neo Prog!  The C in the name represents the unfinished O in Love.  Their website says this about the band:

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Archives: Symphonic Prog : Shadow Circus – On a Dark and Stormy Night

On a Dark and Stormy NightOk so maybe I have to reconsider my approach to music listening when it comes to Prog Rock. Typically, I listen to an album and then go and find out about the artist and their music. With Prog Rock I think it is most time wise to visit their site and read about the album BEFORE listening! You see many prog rock artist don’t create songs, they create albums many times concept albums and even when it’s not a concept album the tracks often are based on something!! This became clear with my latest listen, On a Dark and Stormy Night from the band Shadow Circus. Now if I had read Madeleine L’Engle’s classic fantasy novel, A Wrinkle in Time. I would have known that the title of the album is actually from the book and that would have given me a clue that the album is based on the book. Anyway on the first several listens, I enjoyed the music, after going to Wikipedia and reading a synopsis of the book I went back and listened to the album again I liked it even more! And check this out from their website – they’re from New Jersey!

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Archives: Neo Prog from Australia – Anubis – Tower of Silence

Yesterday I noted that at number 8 on the Prog Archives list of best albums over the last few years is A Tower Of Silence by the Australian neo-prog band Anubis. I gave it a quick listen and it sounded like something I would like, so I put it on the iPhone and gave it a more thorough listen this morning. I put it on as I was shopping in Target this morning and I really liked what I heard. We had been in the store for about 40 minutes or so we were ready to leave so I thought I’d check as to where I was on the album – I was all the way to track FOUR! I hadn’t noticed that the opening track “The Passing Bell” – was in typical ProgRock fashion was over 17 minutes long!

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Archives:Crossover Prog from the UK: Into the Night with Big Big Train

So my son Andrew came over to me in the market at Target,the other night, when he finished his shift and asked if the track from Big Big Train he had put in my Father’s mix made it to my computer. I told him no, see not all the tracks got transferred to my computer from his thumb drive. He told me that he thought I would like them and that their new album English Electric was getting rave reviews and that it was really good. So last night and today, I have been listening to the album and he was correct in his opinion that I would like them. They are English prog-rock band composed of: Andy Poole / Dave Gregory / David Longdon / Nick D’Virgilio / Greg Spawton.  

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Archives:The Music Safari revisits the Ruhr Area of Germany and InVertigo!

Originally posted at Me,Myself, Music and Mysteries –  August 1, 2012

I guess Andrew started it with his Prog-Rock playlist for Father’s Day and the morning roots remembering continued it and over the last few days I’ve been listening to a lot of Prog-Rock. I’ve already written about one of the bands Dreamscape and today I’ve been listening to another InVertigo. Over the last two days I’e been listening to both of their albums Next Stop Veritgo and their latest release Veritas and I have enjoyed them both.

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2013 Prog Rock – The Safari Finds German Neo-Prog Rockers – Subsignal – Paraiso!

The soundtrack for this morning’s work around the house was the latest release from Subsignal, a German Neo-Prog (there’s that sub-genre again)  band Subsignal’s latest release Paraíso. Paraiso was released back in September of this year. I listened to the deluxe edition of the album which is two discs. The first disc is Paraiso and the second disc is a collection of various live performances of songs from previous albums, which was great for me, who knew nothing about the band.

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The Music Safari Finds New Prog Rock in Chile – Rafart – the handbook of the acid rider

Tonight the Music Safari travels to the left coast of the South American continent to Santiago Chili and find a new progressive rock album The handbook of the acid rider(June 2013) from Rafart. Rafart is the solo band of Francisco Rafart, stickist and composer from Chile. Rafart studied music composition under m. Aliocha Solovera at the P. Universidad Católica de Chile. His album  The handbook of the acid rider, is dedicated to the Chapman Stick that has influences of progressive rock and electronic music. New Prog Rock Releases says simply….

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2013 Prog Rock from Denmark’s Royal Hunt – A Life to Die For!

The Music Safari first spotted the Danish prog rock  band Royal Hunt a while back, and listened to their 2011 release Show Me How to Live  which was the 11th studio album from the band  I enjoyed the album and have been looking forward to the release of their new album A Life to Die For, which was released on December 3rd!  Since then the album has been on the iPhone and been listening to several times!! If you don’t know…..

ROYAL HUNT is a progressive metal band in the style of DREAM THEATER : symphonic heavy-metal with strong classic influences. The band is led by Danish classic oriented keyboard player André Andersen. Many influences from bands like DEEP PURPLE, ELP, RAINBOW Read More

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Me, Myself and Family….. Eli’s Coming and Going! Oh My……..

For her birthday this year, our daughter Elizabeth’s boyfriend Jimmy bought her a kitten, She originally wanted an all black cat, but when she went to the pet store she couldn’t pass up this cute little kitty…..



So Eli came home with her and eventually back to her apartment in Delaware. Eli had been fixed only a few days prior to Elizabeth adopting him and last week he developed a sore around one of the stitches and wouldn’t leave it alone. So Elizabeth took him to the Vet. On her way there Elizabeth had this premonition that the vet would tell her that Eli was actually a girl cat, This had happened to us years ago when Abigail and Lucy went to the vet and came home James and Fenwick!! It wasn’t long after arriving at the vet’s office that Elizabeth was informed by the technician that Eli appeared her to be a girl cat a fact that was shortly confirmed by the Vet!! So Eli became Ellie and to protect her from getting the sore infected she was given a cone, not one of those normal cone but an extra special fancy model……

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