The Safari discovers Neo-Prog in Chile – Aisles – 4:45 AM!

So this morning I visited and listened to snippets of several albums before I settled on the one that I thought I’d like the most. The band that I chose was Aisles and their latest release 4:45 AM. I loaded it up on the iPhone and gave it a listen and thoroughly enjoyed the album. It has some great music on it. Of course, when I was finished, I asked that proverbial questions – who are these guys and where are they from. The answer to the first question, i.e who makes up Aisles is……

Germán Vergara Guitars, Vocals and Keyboards:
Felipe Candia Drums and Percussion:
Rodrigo Sepúlveda Guitars and Vocals:
Sebastian Vergara Lead vocals:
Alejandro Meléndez Keyboards:
Daniel Baird-Kerr Bass:

My first thought was that the answer to the second questions was NOT the UK, and that was the right thought!! Because Aisles formed in Santiago in 2oo1 represents a new generation of Chilean prog says the ProgArchives. They also write that Aisles

….. Provided of a style eminently neo symphonic, the band delivers a style of classic roots and influenced by the british school (groups like GENESIS, YES, PINK FLOYD and MARILLION). Their only album is “The Yearning”, released in 2005. One of the dinstinctive aspects of this offer is the interesting formation, which nucleus is composed by the Vergara brothers (guitars, keyboards and vocals), that includes the interaction of two keyboardists; also the english lyrics, that gives them the opportunity to enter in bigger leagues of prog.

This band, because it’s in the frontier of classic and neo prog, is recommended to all fans of the two mentioned genres. Really the chilean prog scene is getting bigger every year!!  Read More 

Neo Prog! Surprise! Surprise!!

The band says this about their music…..

Aisles have been considered one of the most interesting Progressive Rock bands of recent years and have just released their third studio album ‘4:45 AM’.
Their soulfully crafted combination of rock, progressive rock, art rock, fusion, world music and other styles illustrates the band’s unique liberal and eclectic music vision.
Aisles have been regarded as Neo-Prog, but their approach to music goes far beyond that while creating a very powerful and unique type of music and sound. Continue Reading 

4:45 AM is Aisles third album.   In Sudden Walks their second album was nominated for the Prog Awards (Italy) in the Best Foreign Record category, which is impressive because of Italy’s strong history of  progressive music. The band was also invited to France to open the 11th Progressive Rock Festival CRESCENDO in August 2009!

All that I know is that during several of the tracks, ah, let’s see I know it was at least “Shallow and Daft”, “Back My Strength” and “Intermission”  and there were probably a few more times!!

So as always check them out! At the usual places:


and anywhere else fine prog rock  is talked about!! Here’s the official (audio) video for “4:45 AM”