The Safari meets Neo Proggers from Germany – Osta LCVE – Good Morning Dystopia!

 Yesterday, the Safari listened to the prog rock band Osta LCVE’s latest release Good Morning Dystopia. Biographical data on the band is limited but from what I can piece together the two main members of the band are  first, Tobias Geberth, who is the vocalist, guitarist, bassist, and keyboardist. Tobias appears to be the ” leader of the band”!  The second member of the band is Leon Ackermann who plays  drums and other percussion instruments.  Other players include: Florian Hauss   Piano  on “Red Sky”, Gregor Nicolai – Bass on “Fragile Freedom” and Sarah Gretsch – Vocals on “Alaska”. The group is from Germany and their music is listed as Art Rock and Neo Prog!  The C in the name represents the unfinished O in Love.  Their website says this about the band:

After forcing their will onto unsuspecting air molecules together for several years in a smelly and moist, but yet somehow very enchanting ancient vault in Heidelberg, Tobi (Guitar, Vocals) and Leon (Drums) moved to Berlin in order to record some Progressive Rock songs, which turned out to be OSTA LCVE’s debut album “Colours”. After some shows in 2012, Osta Lcve released their new album “Good Morning Dystopia” in May 2013.

The band cites bands like Pink Floyd, Genesis, Yes as influences. They were encouraged by the success of the new Prog-Rock of Porcupine Tree and Steven Wilson, when released their first album Colours in 2011. This album does remind me a lot of Pink Floyd, which is not a bad thing, but in total I can’t say that it’s one of my favorites of the year, but it certainly will get a few more listens. On a scale of  1 to 5. maybe it’s a 3.5 or so!! And who knows with more listens that rating my go up!!

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Here’s the official video for the song “Subway”!