The Safari listens to the Crossover Prog of Bremen’s Eyevory – Euphobia!

So I either have to study more German or stop listening to prog rock from Germany, because for the second time today I was faced with websites written in  German, the band’s native language. First it was Osta LCVE and tonight it was the band Eyevory. I have been listening today to Euphoria the debut album from the band. Eyevory is a  a progressive folk rock band from Bremen, Germany. They describe their music as a “colorful mixture, combining joyful flute melodies, catchy hooks, hard rocking guitar riffs and complex instrumental arrangements without boundaries and barriers.”

The  band was formed  in 2009 as pink mercury, in 2012 they  changed their name to „Eyevory“. After touring and opening for the Canadian  band Saga, they released their first EP. The EP was produced by  Frank Bornemann (of Eloy fame). In 2009 and 2010 the band won the German rock & pop award („Deutscher Rock und Pop Preis“) as the best progressive band. Their first full length album, Euphoria was released in April of 2013. To promote „Euphobia“ Eyevory played a big concert with an orchestra in front of a packed „Schlachthof“ in Bremen. This past autumn they started their first tour across Germany as a headliners!!

Currently the band which was created as a quartet is minus a drummer so the band is a trio with two female vocalists! Jana Frank is one vocalist and the bass player. Kaja Fischer is the other vocalist and a great flutist and keyboard player. Rounding out the band is David Merz the guitarist. David also provides triggerpedals and keyboards.

When I listen to the band, the presence of the great flute of Kaja Fischer immediately reminded me of Jethro Tull. That was compounded by the folkish sound of the band. Both female voices are enjoyable. Here’s some of the press that the band and album has generated:

„In short, it rocks like a demon and it‘s as catchy as hell. Every track is a killer, packed full of flying flute, terrific tunes and clever wordplay ...“ Ravenheart Music (UK)

What do you get when you mix heavy metal, Jethro Tull, folk, female vocals and a love for word play? You get German band Eyevory …“ The Rocktologist (SL)

„The band come over strong, both Jana and Kaja have bags loads of energy in their voices which makes the songs leap right out of the bag.“ – Fireworks Magazine (UK)

Now let’s go back to that  big concert with an orchestra in front of a packed „Schlachthof“ in Bremen that the band gave to support Euphoria. The band wants to produce a DVD of the concert and has started a Kickstartet campaign to raise the necessary money! From their website:

Our project is now in the financing phase. That means from now on you have the production of our live DVD with orchestra completely in your hands. 

You can donate any amount, or choose from one of our “Thanks” … These are for example, signing DVDs, sheet music, living room concerts, guitar lessons with David and much more : / eyevory

So check out the site…. if you’re like me and need some help with the German use Google Chrome or another browser that will translate the page. You can watch the video and get the gist of it without knowing what they are saying!!

Oh and of course check out the band! One place you can check out the band is here at ProgArchives, Here’s Eyevory live @ Heimathelden Schloß Broich Mülheim (10.08.2012) You can also watch the official album trailer for Euphobia here