Archives: Neo Prog from Australia – Anubis – Tower of Silence

Yesterday I noted that at number 8 on the Prog Archives list of best albums over the last few years is A Tower Of Silence by the Australian neo-prog band Anubis. I gave it a quick listen and it sounded like something I would like, so I put it on the iPhone and gave it a more thorough listen this morning. I put it on as I was shopping in Target this morning and I really liked what I heard. We had been in the store for about 40 minutes or so we were ready to leave so I thought I’d check as to where I was on the album – I was all the way to track FOUR! I hadn’t noticed that the opening track “The Passing Bell” – was in typical ProgRock fashion was over 17 minutes long!

A Tower of Silence is the second album from the band. From their Myspace bio:

The band formed around the nucleus of songwriters Robert James Moulding (vocals) and David Eaton (keyboards) featuring Steven Eaton on drums, Douglas Skene and Dean Bennison on guitars and Nicholas Antoinette on bass, This combo created and recorded the 2009 studio album “230503′, which has since gained a modest yet keen following worldwide.

I will need to go back and re-listen to the lyrics because according to their website the album:

A Tower Of Silence tells the story of the Earthbound spirit of an 11 year old pauper’s daughter, lost within the walls of the Victorian poor asylum in which she lived and died, and how she became trapped there. It’s possibly further reaching than it’s predecessor and displays a greater maturity in the songwriting, not to mention the benefit of three years of live performance. The eight songs demonstrate the bands desire to evoke mood, passion and narrative through their increased instrumental firepower and vocal harmonies.

It looks like the lyrics are available at the band’s website!

Here’s a sampling of the tracks from A Tower of Silence