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Originally posted at Me,Myself, Music and Mysteries –  August 1, 2012

I guess Andrew started it with his Prog-Rock playlist for Father’s Day and the morning roots remembering continued it and over the last few days I’ve been listening to a lot of Prog-Rock. I’ve already written about one of the bands Dreamscape and today I’ve been listening to another InVertigo. Over the last two days I’e been listening to both of their albums Next Stop Veritgo and their latest release Veritas and I have enjoyed them both.

InVertigo is a five man band from the Ruhr area of Germany composed of: Sebastian Brennert – Vocals, Keys, Matthias Hommel – Bass, Carsten Dannert – Drums, Jacques Moch – Guitars and Michael Kuchenbecker – Keys. Their music provides:

……..a blend of art rock and fine neo-prog, situated somewhere between complexity and catchiness, epic structures and radio affinity, 11/8 and 4/4. InVertigo’s songs mirror influences by progressive rock bands such as Genesis, Yes, Spock’s Beard, Marillion, The Flower Kings or Porcupine Tree – but do sound completely different.

Symphonic compositions, multilayered arrangements, variations of key, tempo and rhythm, constant changes and surprising twists make up their songs. And yet: InVertigo make sure the songs’ musical content prevails. Even though the compositions are usually quite long, the song itself and demanding but catchy melodies are the primary focus. More

The songs are fairly long, well until “Memories of Mayfly” which clocks in at 20 plus minutes, which I guess is just long! The tempos do vary and the compositions are interesting, both the guitar and keyboard work is great. From their website:

…...Veritas, an album full of prog rock gems such as the mysterious ‘Darkness’, the catchy but demanding ‘Lullaby’ – a song that’s definitely not going to make anyone fall asleep! – the humorous but oh so true ‘Dr. Ho’ as well as two longtracks that are designed to leave you breathless: ‘Suspicion’ and the even more epic ‘Memoirs of a Mayfly’.

So check them out at their website, or Facebook or MySpace…

Here’s the first track on the album Next Stop Vertigo- “Vertigo”

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