Archives:Crossover Prog from the UK: Into the Night with Big Big Train

So my son Andrew came over to me in the market at Target,the other night, when he finished his shift and asked if the track from Big Big Train he had put in my Father’s mix made it to my computer. I told him no, see not all the tracks got transferred to my computer from his thumb drive. He told me that he thought I would like them and that their new album English Electric was getting rave reviews and that it was really good. So last night and today, I have been listening to the album and he was correct in his opinion that I would like them. They are English prog-rock band composed of: Andy Poole / Dave Gregory / David Longdon / Nick D’Virgilio / Greg Spawton.  

Now on their website site I don’t see who plays what so I will  have to get Andrew to tell me, that but here’s a little about the album from their website:

 Presenting eight brand-new songs, English Electric takes the listener on a journey through the English landscape, from the mining towns of the north to the chalk hills of the south.

Along the way, extraordinary tales are told of inland navigators, art-forgers, miners and men of industry; stories of people who dream of the daylight but are given up to the depths.

English Electric is a celebration of the people that work on, and under, the land and who made the hedges and the fields, the docks, the towns and the cities.

They are helped out on the album by about eighteen other musicians playing all kinds of instruments!  At times they remind me a little of  The Moody Blues particularly on the track “Upton Heath” and overall I think the album is just terrific! I really want to read through the stories that go with the songs and then listen to everything again!!

English Electric is a two disc album. The disc released now is Part 1, Part 2 is scheduled for release in March of 2013. The track “English Electric” which follows does not appear on Part 1, but let’s go Into the Night with “English Electric” from Big Big Train!