Monthly Archive: December 2013

The Safari explores the “Hydrosphere” courtesy of Divine Matrix

So this afternoon,  I received an email from Echoes, that included the top 25 albums for the month of December 2013.  The album at number 9 was Hydrosphere by Divine Matrix. Since I deal all the time with things related to the hydrosphere, i.e. wetlands, storm water regulations, I thought it was a good album for me. Not that the album really had anything to do with those things the theme of the album is obviously water! The album was the second electronic ambient album that I listened to today. The first album was Jeff Greinke’s album Cities in Fog 1 & 2. Greinke’s album is a lot darker than  Hydrosphere. Overall, I like Hydrosphere better because of its  mellower  mood.

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Archives: Prog Rock from Glasgow – Comedy of Errors – Fanfare & Fantasy!

Fanfare and FantasySo I had to go today for a follow-up visit for my new hearing aids. While the trip is longer than the trip to the old place,I got a hearing aid from, the trip does give me time to listen to some music! The trip there was Prog Rock from Glasgow, UK and the way back was nuevo flamenco First the prog rock from Comedy of Errors and their 2013 release Fanfare & Fantasy. Evidently the band formed in 194 had various line-up changes and released a few albums then disbanded and reformed in 2011. And according to the bard at their website:

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Archives:Lunchtime Prog Rock from The Netherlands’ Sun Caged

Sun CagedSo the other day, when I was coming home from dropping my wife in Trenton so that she could look for dead people, I listened to some prog rock. The band that I listened to was Sun Caged and their 2007 release Artemisia. I found them in the “Just for You” section at MOG. The blurb at the bottom said “because you listened to Suspyre and Roswell Six”. Since I like both of those bands, I figured I would like them. I figured right, some really good stuff!! According to the Prog Archives Sun Caged is:

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From Riverside New Jersey and the Karn Family – Merry Christmas to All!!


So when I was growing up I had a handmade stocking that had my name Eddie stitched at the top of the stocking. The stocking unfilled is shown on the left. Now several years ago we found the stocking and it was hung with the rest of the family stockings on Christmas Eve. It didn’t take long for son Nicholas to notice that the stocking had a strange message on it when it was hung the opposite way! Not the exact message that you want to send on Christmas!!

Anyway Christmas has always been a hectic time at the Karn house, shopping for four kids was always coupled with last-minute painting, plastering and cleaning!! Hell, it wasn’t Christmas unless the house was torn apart up until the last-minute!!

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The Safari finds Crossover Prog from Argentina’s Vanished from Earth!

So one of the things that I like about prog rock are the album covers. The majority of them are very artsy and very interesting and the one to the left of me is no exception! It was one of the reasons that the band and album Vanished from Earth caught my eye this more at Of course it was the music that ultimately sealed the deal and made resulted in the album becoming the soundtrack while doing some chores this afternoon.

After listening I went to ProgArchives and found that the band hails from Argentina next door neighbor to Chile where we found Aisles yesterday. I guess that the prog rock scene is alive and well on the South American continent!! As a matter of fact Vanished From Earth made their debut at the “La Plata Prog 2011” after only a few months of rehearsal! At that event they shared the stage with some of the continents biggest acts like: Contraluz,Uranian, Fughu, Atempo, and Jinetes Negros. The followed that performance up with an appearance in their hometown at the “Close to the Edge Buenos Aires Prog Fest” at that festival they shared the stage with: William Gray, LaPlace, and Cristol. In 2012, the and released their self-titled debut album.

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Archives: Life’s Soundtracks:The run was a struggle but the music from Day Six was great!

Day sixSo some days you really look forward to your run, you start, you feel good and the run goes very smoothly. Then there are other days, well, they don’t go as well. Saturdays area often a slow day for me. I work all day at Lippincott and then at Target not getting done until 11:15 plus! Yesterday the day went from 7:15 to 11:15, so overall today this 61 year-old body was moving kind of slow! So this afternoon when I just felt like taking a nap I did some kundalini yoga trying to wake me up, and it worked so I got motivated enough to run, went out and discovered that it was a lot colder and windy than I thought it was, anyway, I put on another layer of clothes and set out. I had created a new four mile course and the start looped around a little, so that, after just a little bit a left turn would have led me back home, which was where I really wanted to go or a right turn would set me on my way into the fourteen mile an hour wind and the first leg of my four mile run. Now the only thing good about heading into the wind on the first two miles of a run is that the wind is at your back on the way back!! That’s what happened and really the only reason that I was able to finish the run! The other thing that got me through the run was the music, as always! The music was from a prog rock band Day Six and their album The Grand Design. So with the wind at my back for half of the run, I made it through with an overall pace of about 10:05 per mile, so overall it was not a bad run!

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The Safari discovers Neo-Prog in Chile – Aisles – 4:45 AM!

So this morning I visited and listened to snippets of several albums before I settled on the one that I thought I’d like the most. The band that I chose was Aisles and their latest release 4:45 AM. I loaded it up on the iPhone and gave it a listen and thoroughly enjoyed the album. It has some great music on it. Of course, when I was finished, I asked that proverbial questions – who are these guys and where are they from. The answer to the first question, i.e who makes up Aisles is……

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Archives: The Music Safari met – Italy’s Elvenking – ERA

So now that I’ve listened to many prog-rock, metal albums on MOG, several albums usually appear on the list of albums “just for me”. So there right next to folk and blues albums are these prog rock albums. Well yesterday, I listened to one of the albums ERA by Elvenking and I really liked it! I’ve written before that it amazes me that prog-rock/metal music is such a world-wide music phenomena and Elvenking reflects that geographical diversity. The band hails from  Sacile, which is located in the northeast corner of Italy. From their biography at Allmusic:

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The Safari finds Progressive Metal with a twist in Germany – Toxic Smile’s 7!

With a name like Toxic Smile, the Music Safari expected to meet a group that was going to play some pretty hard-core progressive metal.  What I got was, as ProgArchives describes the band as…

 .. ,a progressive rock/ metal act with a twist. They’re clearly trying to embrace the fact that the members are highly inspired by the Neo-Prog of the late ’70s, especially that of GENESIS on “Wind & Wuthering”. Recommended to fans of Symphonic Prog, Neo-Prog as well as regular Progressive Metal.

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The Safari listens to the Crossover Prog of Bremen’s Eyevory – Euphobia!

So I either have to study more German or stop listening to prog rock from Germany, because for the second time today I was faced with websites written in  German, the band’s native language. First it was Osta LCVE and tonight it was the band Eyevory. I have been listening today to Euphoria the debut album from the band. Eyevory is a  a progressive folk rock band from Bremen, Germany. They describe their music as a “colorful mixture, combining joyful flute melodies, catchy hooks, hard rocking guitar riffs and complex instrumental arrangements without boundaries and barriers.”

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