Music Safari runs with Norway’s Kerrs Pink – Mystic Spirit

There’s good news and bad news from last night’s run. The good news is the headlamp that I bought the other day works great. It makes the road visible to me and me visible to drivers! The bad news is that now I have no excuse for not running when it gets dark at five o’clock!! Last night’s run was pretty good. The first mile was 9:30 and the rest were around 9:50 minutes plus! Kerrs PinkThe soundtrack for the run was a new to me Prog Rock band from Norway Kerrs Pink. I listened to their latest release Mystic Storm. Now since I didn’t know much about the band (what’s new!} my first stop was Wikipedia. I was doing two things at the same time I just typed Kerrs Pink in the search box clicked when Kerr’s Pink appeared and this is what I found out!

Kerr’s Pink is a potatocultivar in wide production in Ireland and the United Kingdom and many other countries. Although often quoted as an “Irish potato” (where it was introduced in 1917), the cultivar was actually created by J. Henry of CornhillScotland, in 1907. In 2002, it accounted for 25% of potato production in the Republic of Ireland[1] making it the nation’s second largest variety.Kerr’s Pink potatoes have a distinctive pink colour with deep eyes. They are quite floury and starchy. They are very good for mashing and boiling but can also be chipped.

Not a Norwegian Prog Rock band!! So I figured I better get to the Prog Archives to learn about the band!! Here’s what I read…..

KERRS PINK plays a Progressive rock music mixing Scandinavian folklore and refined English art-rock music like CAMEL (“Mirage” era). It also includes fabulous dialogs between three guitars, a flute and two keyboards. “Tidings” (2002) is its fifth album, with a new lead singer (And splendid female backing vocals), and a new keyboardist added to F. RUUD’s keyboards. The band’s music has always been a clever and subtle mix of Scandinavian folk music (Some melodies and rythms), and Progressive rock music. The themes are stamped by their great melodic and instrumental beauty with nice guitar soli and keyboards parts: mixing influences like CAMEL or PINK FLOYD amongst others. Read More

My last stop was to the Kerrs Pink website where I read about the album Mystic Spirit.

Kerrs Pink launches this fall’s their 6th album: “Mystic Spirit” which is in the genre of 70’s prog rock spiced with elements of Norwegian folk tunes. As in previous productions the sound is characterized by guitars, but this time they´ve also applied flute, tuba, timpani and accordion! And extensively, the legendary keyboard instruments: MiniMoog, Mellotron, Taurus bass pedals not to mention the Hammond C3.   New is also the vocalist Eirikur Hauksson gratifying agreed to participate in the project. He puts his unmistakable rock imprint on the album that otherwise has taken a long time to complete. Eirikur also appears with Ken Hensley (Uriah Heep) and Magic Pie. Drums and bass are recorded “live in studio”, which means that the band sounds far more lively than previous productions

You can certainly see that English is not their first language, but I tell you the language  that their music speaks is just fine!!

kerrspink_releaseconcertOn stage Kerrs Pinks set up are a seven-man strong band consisting of:(from Kerr’s Pink) Eirikur Hauksson – Lead Vocals Harald Lytomt – Guitars Hans J. Kvisler – Guitars Per Langsholt – Bass, bass pedals, backup vocals Glenn Fosser – Keyboards, backup vocals Lasse Johansen – Keyboards Magne Johansen – Drums, backup vocals

 I listened to the album again today I really, really like this album so really nice Symphonic Prog. The album is one of my favorites of the year!! So check it out!! Since I can’t find any current youtube videos and I don’t really have time tonight to make on, here’s a link to the track e “The Storm” at MOG!! You can also check out some live performances from 2002 here at their website! You can also check out some cool pictures and stuff at the Kerrs Pink Facebook Page