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The Musical Safari finds Gandalf’s Fist – Neo Prog from the UK!

Today, well actually yesterday, the Musical Safari flew across the pond and landed in Cumbria, UK


Cumbria is one of the most sparsely populated counties in the United Kingdom, with 73.4 people per km2 (190/sq mi).

Cumbria, the third largest ceremonial county in England by area, is bounded to the north by the Scottish council areas of Dumfries and Galloway and Scottish Borders, to the west by the Irish Sea, to the south by Lancashire, to the southeast by North Yorkshire, and to the east by County Durham and Northumberland (Pardon the social studies teacher rearing his head)

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The Safari heads to the Windy City and finds New Prog Rock from Oceanborn!

So earlier this week I created a new rule about the music I listen to during a run. The rule is the music should be more often than not Prog Rock! The reason many-sided.  First there’s a lot of music and fewer vocals, so I don’t have to listen and determine what the lyrics are, instead I can just let the music wash over me. Secondly, there are lots of tempo changes that allow me to speed up and slow down at varying points during the run!  Thursday night was the first night I implemented the rule, and the run went pretty well, partly because it was a cool night, and the music from a new Progressive Rock band from Chicago – Oceanborn. Their debut release Hidden From The World  was the soundtrack for the run and based on what I heard, I think that you’ll be hearing more about the band! The music was a combination  of  good vocals, outstanding playing and songwriting! When I was first deciding on new music for the run, I read this about the album at New Prog Releases

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The Musical Safari travels to Finland and finds – Lars Eric Mattsson’s Epicentre!

A while back, I was checking the new progressive rock album released in September. What usually catches my attention is the country of origin of the artist. There were several bands from Italy, as well as The Netherlands, the UK, the US and one from Finland Lars Eric Mattsson When I saw that Lion Music released the album, I thought, hey, I know that company! They released another album that I listened to recently, Marcus Jidell’sictures from a Time Traveller. When I went back to their website, there was Lars Eric, looking at me from right above Marcus…

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The Avett Brothers Come to Philly – and a “Shady Grove” Debate!

The Avett BrothersSo last night my wife and daughter went to see one of their favorite bands The Avett Brothers at the Mann Music Center in Philly. Like always, they said they were awesome and I’m sure they were, but like Mumford and Sons there is just some about the band that doesn’t thrill me. I know that my opinion is not held by many. To try to sway me, my wife said that there was a least one song that I would have liked. For the first song of a three song encore, the band performed a song from Doc Watson, “Shady Grove”. My first response was that everybody does “Shady Grove”. Her response was “So” and she’s right that the fact that lots of people have recorded the song really doesn’t change my opinion of the Avett’s cover!

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Life’s Changes…….. one to come in March 2014!

Oct2003So you know there are monumental times, when your life changes. The day you get married, the birth of your children, the loss of a parent. All of these moments cause your perspective of life to change. When first had to worry about one person, now you think about two, three, four, five or six!! When the last of your parents are gone, and all your aunts and uncles have passed on your position in the universe has shifted and now you are them. As long as they are around you are still someone’s child!

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Today in Our History………

Edward: Yeah, it was back in 1969 on a farm in upstate New York.500,000 people….. and there were no computers or Internet, we had to go outside and play!!

My wife says soon this song and my stories will be appropriate……..

Andrew and Meaghan plus one

I’ll write a little more later, and certainly in the future’s……

28 Weeks