Trader Joe’s, a Cemetery and a Five-mile Run, Oh My!

BadlandsSo sometimes when I sit down to write a post the words just come out, that does not usually happen on the days that I run! For some reason sometimes running not only gets to me physically, but also mentally as well. Today after a my first five-mile run in a long, long time I am wiped out. It also may be the result of working all day, Friday 8:30-5:00 and then 6:00 to 11:15 and then again last night from 5:30 to 11:15 or a combination of the two!!

The only thing I really did today, in addition to the run, was going to our favorite grocery store Trader Joe’s. On the way home I told my wife “oh boy now I can link to yesterday’s post at” 23 Reasons Trader Joe’s Is The Best Grocery Store That Ever Was . Being the impressionable and easily influenced by advertising person that I am, I couldn’t resist Number 10!



On the way home, we usually go by places where my wife likes to take pictures, one is a wetland on Union Mill Road and the other is a pasture on Hainesport-Mt Laurel Road that usually has sheep in the field. I drove past the field and did not see sheep, but my wife said she did, so I pulled into a church parking lot to turn around. When we got to the back of the church, my wife spied something even BETTER than sheep, a CEMETERY!! So we got out and walked around, we would have pictures to post, but my wife had her phone set on video and after updating my Windows Phone today my computer won’t recognize it!! The only picture I took was of a distant relative, a Freedom Lippincott who died in 1887. Since all of the Lippincott’s in our area are descended from Richard and Abigail Lippincott somehow my fourth-greatgrandmother Margaret Lippincott Regars is related to him! How she is related, I don’t know. All I know is that on her death certificate it said her father is D. Lippincott; and I can’t find one that fits! Oh and it also says that she was an immense woman weighing over 400 lbs!!

Anyway, I came home and ran. The soundtrack for the run was Badlands the sophomore release from Trampled Under Foot. The album sounded really good but I really need to listen to it a little more before I write about it. But let’s go “into the morning with “Bad, Bad Feeling” from the album!!